The Simple 8 Point Guide to Using Valet Parking

In everyone’s life, they have a moment where they try something for the first time. It could be your first time trying skydiving or your first time driving a car. In some cases, it may be the first time when you tried your favorite dish that you hated for all this time. In situations like these, you prepare yourself physically and mentally to tackle the challenge that lies ahead. The experience of valet parking is no different.

The Simple 8 Point Guide to Using Valet Parking 1

It’s not every day that you use a valet service to get your car parked. So if you have no prior experience with it, it may become an intimidating affair. But fear not, we will make sure that you don’t look like an idiot while getting that car parked. Even if you are a veteran valet parking services user, you may learn something today. So here are 8 points that you should keep in mind during your next valet adventure –

Have the Courage to Clean the Car

It doesn’t matter if you are driving that sweet Lambo or that Prius, clean it before taking it to the event space. You don’t need a premium car wash; just a clean and tidy looking vehicle is enough. Clean the interiors and remove all the junk in the trunk. Have some mercy on the valet guy.

Cash is Good

While many hotels and bigger venues accept card tips, a solid cash tip is hard to beat. Carry some spare cash to tip both valets.

Pay Attention

Pay attention to the valets instructing and guiding you. You don’t want to be the jerk and create a mess just because this is your first time. Drive into the zones mentioned without causing any delays for others.

Do Not Leave Valuables Back.

If you have anything valuable in your car, then take them with you. This can mean anything – any cash, jewelry, your cameras, your personal documents, etc. Don’t leave anything to chance.

Leave the Car Running

Just leave the car running in the pick-up zone. Having your keys and turning your car off will only cause problems and delays.

Wait or Don’t Wait for Them to Open the Doors.

If you are in a big hotel or an executive event, you can wait for them to open the doors for you. But if it’s just a small and private event, don’t expect the same treatment. Get out if it takes anything more than 25 seconds.

Always Check the Car

After enjoying your event and coming back to pick the car, don’t forget to re-check everything. Check both the interiors and exteriors. Any scratch or lost item should be taken care of by the location-specific insurance rules. Don’t go home and complain after a couple of days!

Tips Matter

When tipping the guys, try to be generous but only to an extent. You don’t want to give a $50 tip when your car costs $3000. Similarly, if you are driving that convertible with the top down, don’t be a cheapskate.

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