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The Joy of Valet Parking by the Airport

If you are a regular air traveler, you probably have to park your car in or around the airport. Whether you are used to parking your car in the airport yourself or parking in a lot near it, a third option you should explore is valet parking. Several off-site parking facilities, including those you use, usually offer you the valet option because it holds many benefits for you. Additionally, offsite parking is a cheaper alternative to parking in the airport itself.

You may be wondering how a valet service works when it’s not directly in the airport. It is quite similar to other valet services that you would find in shopping complexes or malls in that it provides ‘curbside to curbside’ valet services. What you have to do is call and reserve a valet spot with the company for the time you need and then park the car at the curb of the offsite parking lot right before your flight. A valet will then take the car from you and drop you at the curb of the terminal from which your flight is expected to depart. All you have to do then is leave your car and keys with the driver, who will then park your car in the offsite parking facility. Irrespective of whether your car is parked inside or outside, it will certainly be placed under proper security. It may be a good idea to take something from the company in writing if you’re worried about the damage being done to your car. You will have to call the company and inform them of the time you will need your car on your way back. Your valet will be waiting at the curb of your terminal with your car when you land.

Safety and Security

Valet drivers are vetted before they are employed by the company and have clean driving records. In fact, a clean driving record is a requirement before they are employed. If there is a hint of a criminal record, they are rejected. This reassures customers who have to leave their expensive, luxury cars with these valets. You can also ask for proof of the records of the valet drivers.

Most offsite valet parking companies have extensive security measures in place. Before you pick one suitable for you, it would be a good idea to do a quick check to see if this company is as well protected as the others in terms of- security cameras, security guards, guarded gates, and well-lit parking lots. Some of these security systems are also connected to the police, who will immediately land up once the alarm is sounded.

Security is the biggest concern of anyone who wants to use one of these parking facilities. So, reputed companies try their very best to ease their client’s state of mind, especially in areas that have high crime rates. Make sure that you find offsite parking lots that are accredited, licensed, and insured. Do not hesitate to ask for proof of security as you will be leaving one of your most valuable possessions with them.

Simple and Stress-Free

This is one of the most convenient things as you don’t need to find a shuttle service that will pick you up and drop you at the exact point. Additionally, instead of struggling with your bags, you will have someone to load and unload your heavy luggage. This is one of the most time-saving things you can do when you’re in a hurry to get to the airport or go home. You can also have your company wash your car at an extra charge.


When you compare prices between different companies, you may find that the more expensive one is worth the additional money. This may not always be the case, so make sure you do a thorough check. Don’t worry too much about splurging a little. Go ahead and treat yourself. Valet services are probably cheaper than the money you would spend on cab fares up and down from the airport.

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