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Escape60 – New Escape Rooms in Calgary, Alberta

Working together toward achieving a particular goal is the focus of every team. When great minds come together, great things happen. Keeping a team cohesive is no child’s play; the leader has to deliberately choose avenues that will keep the team excited and full of energy -one of the ingenious ways is through team building. That is why the design at Escape60 – new escape rooms in Calgary- accurately represents what a team requires, whether at the workplace or even a family. The rooms are spacious and well crafted, with the themes brought out precisely.

Escape 60

Customized services

We offer customized services for every team, depending on the size and preferences. Whatever you need, Escape60 has it at affordable fees. Catering services are the core thing every team wants to be assured of. You can’t mess with this one, so we have gone the extra mile to offer on-site catering services. We are the only service provider with such. We have collaborated with catering service providers so that you have endless options for choosing your delicacy.

Our catering team has the experience to blow your mind by offering food and drinks variety that will make the experience a great one; there are things that the Escape60 catering team can’t go wrong.

Promotional prices for big teams

The bigger the team, the better you take advantage of our promotional expenses for various prices. It’s fun to work with a service provider who allows you to explore all the world has to offer- from games to excellently designed rooms that make the whole experience unique.

We offer a variety of fun.

We provide an affordable and limitless array of games and escape rooms. Big Corporate has reviewed us as the best 5-star activity in Calgary and the most affordable and fun thing to do. We have been receiving various teams in their numbers; sometimes, we host large groups of more than 64 team members, which is quite large. No matter the numbers, our service and offerings have remained unmatched. We are such an agile team that can flex to accommodate any numbers. That is why brands like Google have trusted us to host thousands of units every other year.

With Escape60, you are not limited to any time frame; whatever hours of the day or night, we are ready for you and will always adjust to accommodate your schedule. From the simple escape room games to the world’s most challenging team-building play- ‘World of Wizardry’- we have all escape room sizes, some of which can accommodate 32 members simultaneously. The most dangerous games, Don Pablo, Hero’s Hideout, The World of Magic Breakout, and escape room types, are available.

We always want to make it exciting for your team, and thus, when you book in, we will take you through a snapshot of your experience. This allows the team to maximize the bonding and fun opportunities Escape60 has to offer. No fun in Calgary, Alberta, without the knowledge at Escape60 – New escape rooms.

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