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Tips on Buying A Hybrid C

Hybrid cars are an increasingly popular way to lower your carbon footprint and save on rising and unpredictable fuel costs. But upfront, a hybrid car will typically cost you more than its similar gasoline-fueled counterpart. And just as important as the new CA traffic laws effective July 1, 2018, while typically with a hybrid, you’ll be financially ahead in a relatively short period due to high demand and lower fuel costs. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the changes you’ll see when switching vehicle types. Not only adults but teens who have recently finished California Drivers Ed are looking more into hybrid cars.

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First off, know the different types of hybrid cars. This breaks down into three categories: mild hybrids, full hybrids, and plug-in hybrids. For the most part, these names are self-evident.

Mild hybrids will offer the most basic features to save fuel. Usually, a gas motor-assisted by an electric motor is not powerful enough to drive the car independently.

Full hybrids are probably what you typically envision a hybrid car to be, like the Toyota Prius. They use similar technologies to the mild hybrids but pack in a few more features, allowing a gas and electric engine to work together (though it is the electric motor turning the wheels). Some offer interesting technologies to recharge the battery. The Prius does so by braking.

Plug-in hybrids are a little more scarce but close the gap between hybrid and electric vehicles even more, usually offering larger batteries that can run in full electric mode for short ranges before the gas engine kicks in to assist or takes over completely.

Because these cars refuel in different ways and offer various advantages to different driving styles, it’s important to know what you’ll use this car for (highway driving, city driving, long-distance, etc.). It’s also important to be mindful of energy costs at home or recharge stations to recharge a plug-in hybrid, should you choose that option.

Stop Burning Tires in Your Backyard; You’re Going Green!

Once you get a hybrid, you must go all-in on being green. And I mean it. Your friends seem nice, but they’ll drill you into anything not eco-friendly you may do. No more using straws. If you use plastic, recycle and let it be known you recycle. But try not to use plastic. No more burning tires in your backyard, even though it’s enjoyable and stinks the whole neighborhood. Take shorter showers, or consider not bathing at all. Cage-free, fair trade, and organic food only. The list goes on and on. But it’s worth it. Because you and I, with our hybrid cars, will change the world. This brings me to my next point:

Practice Your Pretentious “I Drive A Hybrid” Script for Any Social Interaction

make your green life superior to your gas-guzzling counterpart’s. Scour the internet for something you didn’t even know made a difference or things that probably don’t make a difference, like only exhaling near plants, and claim that’s the little extra you do to play your part.

Prepare For a Life of Elevated Status

You are now among the elite few who dedicate their lives to preserving this beautiful planet. Gaze down with disdain upon the filthy plebeian scum that wants nothing more than the destruction of this planet in exchange for their vices. You’re like the Buddha of going green. Or is it Gandhi? I don’t know.

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