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The Biggest Benefits of Digital Textbooks

The face of publishing and learning has been revolutionized worldwide with the use of digital textbooks. Teachers, students, parents, and publishers have all found numerous things to love about switching from a traditional text to a digital version. Here are the biggest benefits of swapping out paper books for electronic readers.



Today, many public and private schools struggle to acquire enough funding for learning materials, such as textbooks. Economic uncertainty and tighter budgets have made it more difficult to secure textbook funds each year. Switching to digital books, however, helps school districts have better control over the costs. Digital versions eliminate the need for shipping costs, textbook replacements each year for damaged or lost items, and much more.

Current Information

Teachers who have switched to digital editions also love that their books are always current with the latest information. Old, printed books may have outdated information that could potentially confuse students. With a digital textbook, it’s typical to have periodic updates to the content so the information is the latest and most accurate for students and educators.

Easier for Student Transport

Next, students benefit from using digital textbooks from companies like Bentham Science publishers by freeing up some space in their backpacks. Instead of being issued several heavy readers at the beginning of the year and having to cart them back and forth from their home to school, they can get multiple books in one electronic reading device. A tablet that stores their digital textbooks can help them keep everything in one place, saving them time. Instead of leaving things at home and working without a resource, they can have their device and digital textbooks available at all times.

No Need for Storage

Companies that publish digital textbooks, such as Bentham Science, also stress the relief you get from not finding storage for the electronic versions. In many schools and districts, buildings are getting overcrowded, and storage areas are turning into classrooms. When you eliminate paper textbooks, you get more space in your building to devote to learning. Digital textbooks can help clear out some of this real estate.

Interactive Features

Students and parents appreciate digital textbooks because they also help make learning more fun and interactive. A digital textbook allows students to interact much more with the text through videos, animations, hands-on activities, and more. Looking at a print edition and turning the pages doesn’t always inspire the most reluctant readers and learners. Students who are visual learners can greatly benefit from using a digital textbook. With interesting interactive features, even the toughest students may be reached.

Easier to Adapt for Different Learners

Teachers in special education or adaptive services may also have an easier time working with a digital textbook than a traditional publication. Digital textbooks may be easier to download and adapt for learners with special needs or reading challenges. In some cases, the publisher may offer additional support services for educators preparing materials from the textbook to facilitate learning and help scaffold different concepts to make them more accessible to students.

Student-Friendly for Independent Work

The last big benefit students and educators get with digital textbooks is a better resource for independent learning. Some educational trends are pointing toward distance learning instead of the traditional classroom. Using a digital textbook with a wide variety of helpful learning features can give students the confidence and tools to tackle tough assignments on their own instead of with help from a teacher or other adult.

The future of publishing lies with rich, technology-driven resources, such as digital textbooks. Many educators, learners, and publishers are focusing their efforts on bringing this technology to the world. With digital books, the world can access much more information and use the resource much more effectively to master new skills and acquire new talents.

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