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The Best Ways to Protect Your Business with Tech

If protecting your business in the digital world has firmly fallen onto your shoulders, there is no need to start panicking – as usual, and there is some great tech to help you.

It seems that technology both giveth and taketh away, as cybercriminals also leverage it to their sinister ends.

Luckily, countering their abysmal behavior with some tech can give you the peace of mind you deserve as a hard-working business owner. Here are some options worth mulling over in the immediate future.


Introduce Biometric Authentication

It may seem like a convoluted step, but it is far from it; biometric authentication can improve the user experience tenfold, speeding up the validation process while increasing security.

Say, for example, you needed to verify a customer’s identity every time they logged onto a service that you provided; a simple glance into some face verification software can save both of you a tremendous amount of time and the customer a great deal of exasperation as they try to log in.

Verification processes can sometimes be tricky, as they are time-consuming and not always designed with the customer in mind. However, by introducing an entry point that suits the customer, you can improve the entire experience for them, all while you put the extra security measures in place.

Download a VPN

A classic, nifty software tool that has been around for a while, the VPN still has many uses for protecting online businesses.

Masking your location online is an excellent way to hide from potential fraudsters and scammers, and it can also be used to help support a hybrid workforce.

There is great potential for security breaches in hybrid working, so taking steps to support your remote team is necessary.

Use Encryption Software

Unencrypted devices could be vulnerable to a cybersecurity breach, which could spell disaster for your business network.

This problem can be seen clearly through the unsecured personal devices used by remote employees.

Do not fret yet; some encryption software can keep your files safe, secure, and away from the prying eyes of bad intentions.

The even better news is that many encryption tools are entirely free, so why not look for a new addition to your online defenses right now?

Use Password Management Software

Everyone has been there, that moment when you realize you have no idea what your password is and probably forgot it many years ago.

While this is frustrating at best, it can be terrible news in business and possibly result in a data breach.

Using reliable password management software means you no longer need to worry about forgetting a complicated password again. They need to be complex as simple and easy-to-crack passwords are like handing the cybercriminals a skeleton key to the establishment – avoid at all costs!

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