Feeder Sites – Drive Massive Amounts of Free Traffic to Your Website

Feeder websites are extraordinary at driving massive quantities of organic visitors, sparkling from search engines like Google and Yahoo in document time. You can rank for some of the most aggressive key phrases by exploiting these traffic magnets.

If you are unfamiliar with feeder websites, assume Squidoo, HubPages, Blogger, and WordPress.

These websites allow marketers to create remotely hosted web pages with highly excellent content material, decide-in containers, and, most importantly, backlinks to their most important cash pages.

Feeder Sites

The finest issue to utilizing feeder websites’ popularity is how quickly your internet site can get indexed via the fundamental serps. Those websites convey big weight in the search engines and are considered by authority websites.

Here’s a way to set all of it up fast:

Step 1: Create A Hub Page Account And 10 Hubs

With Hub Pages, you can also earn revenue from distinct uploads you decide to put in force. However, you can also upload tags to your hub pages for a better ranking within the search engine.

With Hub Pages, there are some restrictions in a location that you need to be aware of, which include:

You are most effectively approved to function external (outgoing) links on each hub you create.


Your content must be precise (no PLR allowed) and highly great.

You aren’t permitted to apply excessive tags.

The key to using HubPages to generate backlinks (and traffic) to your website is to create excessively nice data pages that exhibit content immediately related to your important internet site.

This means you want to encompass articles and information about your niche, strongly focused on directly speaking with potential shoppers.

Pre-promote your traffic along with your HubPages content material before directing them to your primary web page, and no longer will you be able to generate satisfactory one-way links on your ‘cash page.’ Still, you may be able to convert those HubPages into enormously targeted traffic funnels.

You need to consist of your internet site link inside your HubPages and avoid moving links to different feeder websites. (this is a commonplace mistake that new entrepreneurs make, and it simply will hurt your probabilities of funneling in sparkling content material to your major site).

There’s no advantage to linking in your Squidoo pages or some other remotely hosted feeder web page. The complete cause of making HubPages is to generate link juice (backlinks) to your website and channel in capability clients.

When creating your hub pages, you want to start by specializing in growing 5-6 hubs, each using anchor links (that use key phrases to direct humans to your website in preference to your website URL).

For instance, if I were growing hubs to promote an internet site that offered statistics on canine education, some of my anchor keyword text may want to encompass:

Dog Training Tips Doberman Training How To Train Your Dog Quick Tips To Dog Training

You should constantly focus on using exclusive anchor text hyperlinks with each of your hub pages so you can rank for diverse keyword terms rather than simply one.

For example, I might create 6-8 hubs, each specializing in a unique keyword word, with all links pointing to my primary website.

Also, that allows you to, in reality, boom your HubPages writer score; you’ll need to create five or greater hubs.

It would help if you boosted your HubPages author’s rating quickly to generate inbound links to your websites, so increase your writer score (by using growing hubs) and keep a rating higher than seventy-five.

If you do not, your links will no longer follow, and you’ll lose your inbound link juice.

It’s smooth to boom (and maintain) your HubPages author rating because it’s assigned based on the wide variety of hubs you’ve got.

If you have a creator’s score beneath 75, sincerely create a brand new hub to boost your rating.

Make positive while you create outside pages on websites like Hub Pages or Squidoo, where you interlink your pages in your essential website’s URL.

By linking remotely hosted pages on your predominant website online, you can quickly broaden a solid backlink campaign at no value.

Step 2: Create A Squidoo Account With four – 6 Lens

With Squidoo being an authority website with search engines like Google, every occasion you construct a lens, you can rank for precise key phrases within your page’s name and the content material itself.

It’s a very effective strategy for generating back hyperlinks and visitors to your internet site.

When growing your lens, your URL incorporates key phrases that you assign to every page.

For instance, if I have been making plans on launching an internet site imparting content on golf tips and strategies, I could create a Squidoo-based lens with the use of the key phrase “Parenting Tips” (or something similar on the occasion that keyword phrase was already used in the Squidoo network).

Setting up a web page on Squidoo is simple. The site affords an automatic wizard for novice users to create an easy web page.

First, sign up and sign on for your membership.
Next, use the web page wizard to create a lens page.
When taken to this web page, pick out your own component choice. This option lets you install any information you want to use a pre-configured lens layout, making your task easy.
You will need to choose a title for your web page. Making positive your identity is keyword wealth.
Select the URL you need your Squidoo web page to point to; this URL also needs to contain some of your key phrases if feasible.

Next, you can create keyword-rich tags for your lens page to help site visitors locate your lens page quickly. Add additional tags later; put in your top 3 or four.
You will then be taken to a web page asking how you want to receive a commission. This page unit up your account to pay you for any profits you receive from clicks through AdSense, eBay, Amazon, or other commissions you may make if you incorporate those cash-generating modules into your lens web page.
Reconfirm your content material, touch data, and email and screen calls. Then you are completed! Complete your registration.

For greater superior customers, the website permits you to create your web page using nothing more than a simple framework or template. Most people can install a data page in approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

You can easily regulate your lenses and view information concerning site visitors and ranking inside your Squidoo admin panel.

By staying on top of your standard lens stats, you’ll be capable of, without problems, determining what pages are popular, where your site visitors are originating from, and what sort of content people are interested in reading.

Each lens gets a score primarily based on reputation, remarks, and votes visitors receive to your lens web page.

You can also overview how your lens is rated in phrases of usual publicity and popularity in the Squidoo community.

Squidoo also offers additional modules you may integrate into your lens pages, including the option to incorporate an opt-in shape into your web page so you can start developing an email list of prospects.

Here’s a way to get started:

First, log into your autoresponder account and generate the opt-in code for the campaign you will use. (You want to create your campaign inside GetResponse, Aweber, or another autoresponder provider you use).

Then, log into the admin panel of your Squidoo account and visit the lens, which you need to feature an opt-in form, too.

To add an opt-in shape to your Squidoo lens, we must take an exclusive technique by injecting the code into a squeeze web page template.

Squidoo does not deal with HTML equally; to work via it, we want to create a widget and insert it into our lens to appear for our opt-in shape.

We can do this, in reality, unfastened by first developing an account at Clearspring.

With Clearspring, create your account, after which once logged in, click on ‘In My Widget”:

Next, you want to select your widget kind. Click on ‘Image” to begin.

Since you have to input in a photograph of a few kinds, and we surely do not want one when growing out the opt-in form, you virtually want to upload a tiny, invisible picture, inclusive of a lot that won’t be noticed when you incorporate your widget into your Squidoo lens.

(You must add a photograph in your widget, so create a 1×1 clean pixel or include the hyperlink above while developing your device).

Choose the category in your widget (any class will do).

Click “Save Widget” to keep your paintings. Your device will now be created.

Next, click “Edit Widget” from the navigation menu above and select “HTML Wrapper.”

In the Widget HTML header field, paste the choose-in code you generated from your autoresponder company.

You can add this widget to as many Squidoo lenses as you wish, so you should create it once for each autoresponder marketing campaign you intend to apply.

Click “Publish” from the top navigation menu:

Next, click “Widget Home Page Settings” to view your widget. You will see the link on your Widget embed page:

Set the following permissions:

Status: Enabled Comments: Disabled Ratings: Disabled

Click “Save,” then click on your real widget hyperlink.

Once you have clicked on your widget’s URL, you’ll see a page that permits you to select social communities and bookmarking websites. Click the blue arrow after “ALL.”

Scroll down until you notice “Squidoo.”

Now, we will include the decide-in widget in our Squidoo lens. Open your Squidoo lens, and click the “EDIT” hyperlink to integrate your new choose-in widget.

Back to your Clearspring account, double-click the Squidoo icon, which’ll load up your Squidoo account.

Pick out the lens to which you must add the opt-in widget from the drop-down menu, encompass a title and sub name, and click ‘Continue.’ You’ve achieved!

Note: For each object you upload to Squidoo, you could create 20 tags on your lens.

You want to create tags for your lens centered on applicable, targeted keywords to improve your universal lens ranking and generate publicity from your target market.

It also facilitates people to locate your lens while conducting on-website manual searches at some stage in the Squidoo network.

Be sure to ping your lens whenever you create one at Pingoat.

There are other unfastened methods of constructing exposure online, using growing a quick blog on WordPress and Blogger once more, basing each web page on specific keywords.


Killer techniques for producing MASS publicity on your website results easily (and without ever deciding to buy it).

How to triumph over the opposition and flood the four corners of your website with UNSTOPPABLE traffic in less than seventy-two hours!


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