3 reasons why you should again give a try to UPSC after failing in the first attempt

UPSC aspirants are most motivated to clear the UPSC exam while giving their first attempt, which is impossible, but this dream does not get fulfilled for many applicants. Some UPSC aspirants lose their hopes after the first attempt’s failure and decide not to give it another try. UPSC is one of the hardest exams conducted in India for the recruitment of officers for civil services. People need to understand UPSC exams’ seriousness and application, which means even failure in UPSC exams, are lesson and not a step back. If you are considering giving up on UPSC exams, you should consider it again. Failure does not decide and should not alter your dedication to your dream. Here are the three main reasons why you should likewise give it a try to UPSC after failing in the first attempt

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1. Make failure your lesson

Take advantage of things you know now. Failing in your first attempt at UPSC is common; you are not the only one. One thing that failing does the best is that it teaches us where we went wrong. Take your lessons from failure and self-analyze what you did wrong or what more you can do. Now you know that you need to put more effort into the attempt of the exam. Taking your failure positively will help you greatly in the future; don’t let your first attempt lessen your willpower.

The best thing is that you better understand exams and preparation. Now you know that you need to put in more effort. Failing the first attempt has given you the experience you lacked during your first attempt. Directly you should channel this experience to your benefit. Take notes on how you can improve your performance, time management, skills, writing style, etc., and make the best out of the situation.

2. Give our dream another try, take advantage of opportunities

Many UPSC applicants have the same dream of attempting UPSC and aspiring to serve our country through civil services. Many of these dreams were shattered by the failure of their first attempt. If you read the success story of toppers, you will read that many of these officers were once in your position, failing during their initial attempts. Some failed four 4-6 times, not making the cutoff or getting rejected at the interview level. But what kept them all together was their determination to fulfill their dream.

You must not let go of your aspirations, desires, and dreams just because you feel that you have tried enough. If the world is giving you multiple opportunities to fulfill your goal, you must also serve your purpose by applying again. Big dreams get fulfilled when you overcome hardships and face failures. Failures should be greeted with the willingness to work harder towards success.

3. Importance of UPSC and its preparation

UPSC exam gives the experience of a lifetime. The syllabus of UPSC covers a vast range of topics and teaches you many things. One needs to understand the importance of the syllabus and its preparation. UPSC exam will prepare you for certain other competitive exams, and if done punctually and honestly, it will teach you time management, discipline, and many more things. You should take this failure optimistically and attempt again since you know more. UPSC is not a children’s play that anyone could easily clear. That’s why you are allowed to make multiple attempts to understand its syllabus’s seriousness and what UPSC serves you. Please make use of the opportunity to give it a try again after your first attempt at the importance of civil services.

Some successful officers clear UPSC on the first attempt, but most try again after failure. The cutoff of the paper keeps changing, and just because you weren’t able to cross it once doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it again. Thus, dedicating yourself again to preparation is the key. Failing in your first attempt gives you more time for preparation and determination. If UPSC provides the opportunity for multiple shots, then people should take full advantage of these various opportunities as much as they can. Start the preparation again for your UPSC exam, and do not let one failure take your morale down; failures are stepping stones to success; it justifies that you are closer to clearing the exam since you have time to gather more knowledge.

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