What To Do When That Tiny Toothache Becomes Too Painful

Every year, millions of teeth are salvaged through root canal therapy, whether well before the procedure or on the fly, in a situation that could more easily be considered an emergency. Indeed, there is no reason for alarm if your endodontist or dentist tells you you require a root treatment. Endodontic treatments relieve tooth pain; no doubt, it is an all-too-common misconception that they cause or exacerbate pain – it is referred to as a kind of therapy for an exact reason pain relief, amongst other things. Soft tissue is known as pulp inside the tooth, below the dentin layer and white enamel. The pulp has lots of connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerves. It is important mainly during tooth development as it helps with tooth root growth. You will require an emergency endodontic treatment if the pulp becomes infected or inflamed. The infection or inflammation may lead to various issues, including repeated dental procedures, chip or crack in the tooth, and deep decay. Additionally, tooth injury may result in pulp damage even when the tooth doesn’t show cracks or chips.


Suppose your tooth or teeth are suddenly stricken with pain. In that case, there are many benefits to alleviating this pain and having a root best Toronto emergency dentist to get rid of that awful, stalwart ache, a quick search on the web will often bring affordable and effective results that can cater to your every need, no matter the time of day or night you find yourself in need of professional assistance. Typically, the most difficult part is getting to the point of wanting treatment due to the uncouth stigma surrounding endodontics. Nevertheless, saving your natural tooth by root canal treatment has various advantages, including:


• Natural appearance
• Efficient chewing
• Protects the rest of your teeth from excessive strain or wear
• Normal sensation and biting force

This emergency procedure is often performed in less than two visits. Here is an in-depth guide describing every step of this incredibly nuanced procedure:

Endodontic Preparation

An endodontist examines and x-rayed the tooth, and a local anesthetic is administered. Once the tooth is numbed, a dental dam is placed over the affected area to remove the tooth; a dental dam will work as a protective sheet to keep the site free of saliva and clean during the procedure.

Crown And Pulp Adjustments

After maintaining the procedure’s hygiene, the endodontist opens the tooth’s crown. The pulp is cleaned from the pulp chamber and filled using small instruments.

Canal Filling

After cleaning and shaping, a biocompatible material – usually rubber-like and known as gutta-percha –fills canals. The material is placed using adhesive cement to seal the root canals completely. In most cases, temporal fillings are set to keep openings closed. Before restoring the tooth, the dentist removes the temporal filling.

Crown Placement

After the last visit to your dentist, you need to return and have a crown placed on your tooth to restore its full functionality. If the tooth lacks enough structure to hold the crown, the endodontist may need to put a post inside your tooth.

Discussing the details of specific restorations planned for your tooth with your endodontist or dentist is prudent. Additionally, make sure you inquire about the cost of the procedure. Note that prices depend on the complexity of the problem and the affected tooth. Molars tend to be harder to treat, translating to a higher fee. This procedure is common and should only be performed by certified endodontic specialists, just like any other complicated medical procedure. In any case, finding the right endodontist for your increasingly urgent toothache is much easier than it’s often made out to be.

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