Do you ever look back at what you wore on a night out in another lifetime and think, ‘really, I wore THAT?’ Maybe it’s the bag, the dress or some ill-advised shoes; God only knows what style skeletons we each have in the depths of our closest. Well, the bad news is that you are in the majority there, but the good news is that 2018 style is a balanced blend of congenial class. Allow us to curate the style elements needed to perfect your nightlife wardrobe so that you can enjoy your rendezvous in style!

Find a statement piece

Fashion has a way of ducking and weaving through classic to clandestine, propelling the wearer and delighting the audience. But in all the noise one thing has rung true through the ages; you need a statement piece. It’s the piece that holds the outfit together and keeps your style fresh in the minds of your peers the next day. This could come in the form of jewellery, handbags or perhaps more boldly with perspex heel ankle boots not unlike the ones Kim Kardashian wore to NYFW just last month. Whatever your poison, pair it with something more understated so you don’t steal the thunder of your statement piece and you are ready to make a splash.

Back to basics

The cocktail dress has been traded in for jeans and a t-shirt. This has happened progressively over the last few years with even high-end designers submitting to casual luxe and creating garments that exude confidence in comfort. While we’re not suggesting you close the door on your cocktail frocks just yet, you may want to street your look up a little bit to avoid being the most over-dressed and subsequently out of trend. This can be achieved with a sports luxe items, oversized jackets and sticking to block colours. The colour pallets we are seeing are also basic tones; nudes, grey and white galore.

Bed hair, don’t care

Never quite mastered the art of curling? You’re in luck, my friend. In 2018, you will be hard pressed to find someone rocking the same manicured curls or perfectly straight locks that were the standard in years gone by. The messy and untamed look is no longer contained to the coast, you will find it just about everywhere – girls nights, date night, work etc. But if you have ever watched a YouTube tutorial you know better than to assume that the ‘natural look’ is not engineered behind the scenes, so check out these looks before you hit the streets without running a comb through your hair. So slow down in the morning and aim for a more natural look.

Throw some shade

The sunglasses industry has had a turbulent year with more styles in fashion than the world has eyes. The small shade 90’s sunglasses look is back in town, and it encompasses quite a few styles tinted in an array of colours. The best part about these looks is that you can find these styles in op-shops, mid-range shops, right through to designer. Will this phase last? Probably not, but we are enjoying the individuality and range that is out there at the moment.

It can be fascinating (and sometimes amusing) to see the trends roll in each year and the speed to which they are adopted by some or all of us. Your own preference and style should of course influence how you dress, but keep in mind what is happening around you so that you don’t miss a look that would have been made for you.