Audio transcription refers to the process through which audio files that are in a variety of formats such as .wav, .au, and .mp3 are converted into a text form by individuals. Older forms of audio such as cassettes and magnetic tapes can also be transcribed in this way.

Audio transcriptions are an excellent way of maintaining a different version of important audio recordings, whether they are of interviews, presentations, or even conferences. Several businesses today require the use of audio transcription in order to maintain their business records. The amount of audio transcription required by a company will vary based on which industry they are in. listed below are some of the most common industries that require the use of audio transcriptions for everyday use-

  1. Media professionals and journalists
  2. Financial firms and law firms
  3. General lawyers and patent attorneys
  4. Researchers, authors, bloggers
  5. University and school students
  6. Immigration judges
  7. Insurance adjusters
  8. Market research and public relations companies
  9. Real estate agents
  10. Police departments
  11. Small businesses, entrepreneurs

The list simply goes on. In earlier times, companies themselves would employ individuals to transcribe important audio files of seminars, discussions, podcasts, interviews, depositions and so on. However today, digital audio transcription is the way to go. With an increasing requirement for audio transcribers, there is an emergence of companies that offer these exact services.



These companies offer more than just audio transcriptions. If you do enough research, you will also be able to find companies that are able to clear your audio recordings of additional noise present in it. While you may think that it is better to keep the transcribing of your files within your company itself, this is not necessarily true. Outsourcing your audio transcribing work to an external company will save you a lot of time as well as money and other resources. Additionally, these companies specialise in transcribing work and so, you will be guaranteed professional, error-free work. You can better utilise your other employees for more important work.

Once you identify the right company, you will be guaranteed privacy and complete confidentiality. Make sure to do extensive research online before choosing one particular company. Read multiple reviews and speak to their representatives to get an idea of their work ethic and professional etiquette. You can also get in touch with previous clients to ask about their experience with the company.

Digital and Audio Transcription Services or DAATS is an established company with over ten years of experience in the field. In addition to guaranteed error-free transcriptions of your audio files, they also offer quick service. In the case that you have old formats of audio files, they will also be able to digitize these for you and make them more easily accessible. Lastly, they also offer proof reading services for your existing transcribed content ensuring that your documents are clear and error free. Click on to learn more and read about previous customers’ testimonials.