Who knew that your choice of colors and your mood are linked at a neural level? Yes, you heard it right. The color you select can have an impact on your feelings and emotions. Color psychology has emerged to be an interesting area in the field of interior designing and art. When it comes to selecting colors for your room floor, don’t just pick any color but select one that will set the right mood. Read more to find out how floor colors can influence your mood…

You can select a flooring color depending on the room’s size or based on the material of your preference. Different flooring material types come in a range of shades and patterns, providing the customers a variety of options to decide upon. Light colors give the room a spacious look. Earthy colors like brown can lighten your mood and have a calming effect. Similarly, beige, which is another type of light brown, is considered a neutral color by designers and is one of the most stress reducing colors.

Two Different Floor Colors Work Together Stunningly in this Interior Designer's Home

Your choice of color can also reflect your lifestyle. The way your room looks can have a dramatic impression on the minds of your visitors and clients. Hardwood floors in shades of brown or grey look very professional and reflect the functionality of your office. It gives the visitors a good perspective of your business and is, of course, aesthetically classic. You can select the floor material depending on various factors such as longevity, budget constraints, ease of maintenance, traffic levels into the office, and even current trends. Irrespective of what material you handpick, the color plays a pivotal role.

If you have kids at home, selecting bright, lively colors like yellow and orange for the floor of their room brings in energy and enthusiasm and leads to better performance. If you want your room to look classy, majestic, or sophisticated, deep and dark authentic wood colors will be a good choice. They give an enriching and expensive feel to the room.


Blue flooring can be best suited for classrooms and lecture halls since the color blue symbolizes the intellectual and promotes concentration and productivity. Another shade of blue is turquoise, which evokes a calming effect on the nerves. Blue also symbolizes peace and wisdom. Red flooring makes space for a cozy, intimate atmosphere. Red stands for energy and passion and gives a romantic feel. You can select shades of red such as oak red or vine red for your bedroom. Even picking up red carpets give a modern and luxurious look to the room. White-tiled floors give a classic look to your home, and white symbolizes harmony. A combination of grey and brown will be good for the floor of your kitchen.

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