Net stays closed in Agra

Days after communal violence that broke out in Agra following a protest march by means of Muslims in the city, net remained down on Friday to save you spreading of fake news after Friday prayers.

A large police contingent from the neighboring district become deployed around Jama Masjid where the Friday prayers are held.

Police presence ensured a relaxed state of affairs regardless of the protest march called by Muslim organizations and the Bhim Army.

Activists belonging to each Muslim businesses and the Bhim Army have either been picked up by way of police or are in hiding because of the stern checking all through Agra and the DGP OP Singh is himself monitoring the situation.

Friday prayers have been additionally held peacefully in the Taj Mahal, which became open for 2 hours just for the prayers. A massive quantity of CISF jawans was on a strict vigil during the prayers.

However, the communal violence which followed the demonstration held via Muslim agencies in Agra on July 1 is a long way from over.

A comparable protest march turned into held in Mathura district’s Raya which led to a mass panic spreading through the town.

While the police managed to maintain the scenario below control, the viral messages on social media have scared the local citizens who’re stressful action in opposition to folks that are spreading these messages.

The locals claim that the Mathura district is already sensitive given the communal anxiety among Hindus and Muslims because of Ram Janma Bhumi and Idgah disputes.

Similarly, in Aligarh and Firozabad districts too, hushed whispers about a proposed ‘motion’ by means of the Muslim corporations are being heard in small circles.

Several social activists of those districts warned India Today that if this ‘circle of whisperers’ isn’t always damaged, it can bring about the outbreak of massive violence on communal traces in Uttar Pradesh as both Aligarh and Firozabad are home to the big range of Muslims.

Hindustani Biradari vice-chairman Vishal Sharma recommended that the DGP OP Singh ought to educate the district police chiefs to keep anti-insurrection drills and run public outreach applications to make the people privy to what exactly is transpiring in the nation.

Vishal Sharma additionally stated that the scenario seems to be an orchestrated plot to push Uttar Pradesh towards communal riots and until the police maintain a strict vigil, the plot may be successful.

A gift too, a few anti-social factors are looking to create a surrounding of panic and communal hatred in Uttar Pradesh and the Tabrez Ansari incident of Jharkhand is getting used to generate mass hysteria most of the Muslim network.

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