Vaudeville update: Casting name for a antique computer

Planning for the event is intended swimmingly (and in no shape or form is Izzy breaking out in cold sweats or anxiety approximately having masterminded the sale of tickets inside the guise of costless fairness funding for an event that is mostly evidence of idea on the obstacles of the immutable in preference to the cloth).

So we will come smooth. One specific segment could be noticeably more desirable through the presence of an antique laptop.

Izzy’s dad threw out her authentic 90s Hewlett-Packard, so Alphaville is inside the marketplace for a loaner.


Do you or everyone you realize you have something computational and vintage lying approximately the house within transportation distance of critical/east London?

If so, FT Alphaville would be ceaselessly thankful if we could borrow the stated relic for the night of July 26. We promise it’d be used for classy overall performance purposes only and be back in the same circumstance as received.

Please e-mail Izzy at izabella.Kaminska@ft.Com if you think you could assist.

Only some tickets remain, so if you plan on attending, do get cracking.

Although there might be major bulletins regarding Vaudeville in the days to come… So, live tuned.

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