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Insider Tips to Know Before Visiting Madrid

If planning a trip to Madrid, there are many things to think of… the budget, attractions, housing, etc. The list goes on and on. Proper planning lets you experience a fun, adventurous, and fulfilling trip! Let’s get reading to see how.


A Few Things to Consider…

While each trip is different because of individual interests and goals, some specific tips and tricks are helpful for any traveler. Let’s consider some of the following:

Create a Budget

Although most people don’t enjoy the process of budgeting, it’s essential for any traveling. Without a proper budget, you risk running out of cash and causing yourself excess stress during your vacation.

When making your budget, be sure to think of all expenses. Sometimes, the most negligible costs add up quickly; before you know it, you’ve spent $100 on coffee alone. Here are a few things to include in your budget:

  • Getting a passport (if necessary)
  • Airline flights
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Food and drinks
  • Excursions and attractions
  • Luggage storage

Make a Plan Ahead of Time!

Many parts of a trip need planning, from planning out airline tickets to booking luggage storage during excursions. Coming up with a basic itinerary is always a good idea. Consider some of the following tips:

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Apply for Your Passport and Airline Flights

This process can sometimes take as long as eight weeks, so getting started as soon as possible is essential. This way, if there’s a delay in the mailing process, your trip won’t be canceled due to a lack of a passport.

In the same way, start watching the costs of the airline tickets early. These tickets will likely fluctuate as your trip dates approach. They may be high one day, drop the next, and then go up within a few days. After deciding the budget for your tickets, check the prices daily and book when ready. You may need to increase the allowance in this area if the prices are consistently high.

Housing and Transportation

These two things can be booked ahead of time or left for a last-minute purchase. There are many hotels, Airbnb’s, and hostels to choose from, so finding one last-minute shouldn’t be an issue. However, you are likely to save money if you book in advance.

In the same way, you can pay for cabs, buses, or even an Uber while there, or you can purchase a train pass ahead of time with Madrid’s railway system. You may find the train option a more adventurous way to travel!

Food and Drinks

You will likely get hungry and thirsty more often due to the extra walking and excursions you engage in in Madrid. Because of this, it’s important to have snacks and plenty of water on hand.

When you get to the city, go to a gas station or grocery store to bring snacks and water bottles for the day. You can also explore local restaurants beforehand to know your options and try some authentic food from Madrid!

Luggage storage in Madrid may be precisely what you need to get the most out of your adventures. With this amenity, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with your purse, backpack, duffel bag, and suitcase all at once!

Instead, you can utilize the many storage locations available through these four simple steps:

  1. Search locations
  2. Book online
  3. Drop off items
  4. Enjoy the city!!

Don’t worry if you’re unsure where to find this service! Look at the list below to see areas that contain available storage:

  • Madrid Atocha
  • Plaza De Espana
  • Plaza Mayor
  • Gran Via
  • Madrid Airport
  • Madrid Chamartin Station

The Take-Away

If you are planning a trip to Madrid, don’t stress out! With this list of tips and tricks, you can plan your vacation for a smooth-flowing and stress-free adventure. Don’t forget to have fun with the planning!

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