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Important Tips for Firearms Safety and Gun Handling

There’s a famous quote, “with great power comes great responsibility” and this is absolutely relatable to owning a firearm. It is not just matter of pride but also the matter of safety and responsibility. You are holding a piece of machinery that is capable of being fatal if not being careful. Even when you are not holding it, you will have to be extremely cautious that everyone, including you, is free from any risk and danger.

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Whether you are at a shooting range or have your guns in the house, there are certain safety measures that you need to ensure to maintain firearms safety. Here are 5 important tips that you should keep in mind while handling firearms and guns –

Take Note of the Muzzle

This is the first thing that you should take care of. It is also one of the first lessons in any firearms safety course, keep your muzzle pointed in a direction that is safe and not causes any harm even accidentally. Simple, don’t point your muzzle to anything that you don’t intend to shoot.

Usually, it’s the up and down direction depending on where you are standing. You should be in control of the muzzle and consciously put effort to point it in a safer direction.

Unload When Not in Use

This one is simple too. If you are not using the gun then its ammunition should be kept away. They should not be together unless you are ready to shoot or in a place like range. Never make an assumption that the gun is unloaded. Be free of any doubts and check the gun before handing it over to someone.

On-Gun Safety is not Fail-Proof

Every modern gun that is sold today comes with a safety switch. This safety mechanism is a safety measure that makes it easier to approach gun safety. But because it is a mechanical attachment, it is open to failure at any time.

You should not trust it over your common sense. Use it the way it was meant but don’t rely on it completely. The safest gun is the one that cannot fire.

Mods Can be Dangerous

Don’t modify your guns unless you are completely aware of its consequences. And changes or alteration that you make to the gun is an invitation to potential danger to your machine as well as you. Unless you are a professional or a qualified technician, do not attempt such alterations.

Know the Gun

Every gun is different. You may have practiced with a certain firearm type in your practice sessions or you may own one and therefore know it in and out. But when you are handling an unfamiliar gun, always take proper precautions and use common sense. Learn about it before starting to use it. Consider it as if you are holding a gun for the first time and check it’s safety lock, muzzle direction, it’s action and also remove any obstruction if it exists. Read the owner manual, it may be boring but it is necessary. And remember, the safest gun is the one which cannot fire.


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