How to effectively use Geofencing

It is evident from statistics that over 70% of customers would open the push notifications they receive. With Geofencing, customers have access to the relevant location-based push notifications. The push notifications and the pop-ups influenced by geofencing are directly connected to the customers’ interests. Therefore, the client would easily find what they are looking for from your company much faster. Thus, your store has increased foot traffic, and your customer base has widened. With the effective use of geofencing, companies have a competitive advantage. Jump into the geofencing bandwagon today and see your business flourish.

How to effectively use Geofencing 1

To fully benefit from geofencing, every business owner must understand a few things. Follow through and see what tips you need to observe in geofencing.

You must know what is required.

Geofencing is a form of beacon technology but expanded, which works within a narrow perimeter like a particular aisle in your store. It encompasses a wide boundary; mapping software is used to identify the specific target region physically. Whenever an individual enters the area, the tagged app or Smartphone sends a particular message to their phone. Being at the right place and time is the essence of geofencing. You’ll need a GPS, cellular data, or WI-FI connection to be effective.

Be careful with your message.

Your target is to get people into your store. Thus, for your campaign to be effective, you need to attract them by giving special discounts or offers through pop-ups and push notifications. You must be ready to give so that you receive. It’s more than telling the people that you are in such and such location. Again, you need to give your prospects a clear call to action by providing them the impetus to get into the store and buy. If the experience is satisfying, you can be sure they’ll keep returningre.


For geofencing to work perfectly, you need to allow users to opt-in. The app you’ve provided should have an option where the users can turn on-location services. There also should be an option for turning the services off where needed. Allow the users to create their profiles to interact more with the customers as you give specific solutions. When you allow the users to create their profiles, it becomes easier for them to control the data they provide. It’s about protecting customers’ privacy, something that’s crucial.

Utilize the data

You can measure the campaign’s success through the data generated through the geofencing campaign. You need to track that data in real time, which would help determine the strengths and pitfalls. Effective marketers can be differentiated from ineffective by utilizing geofencing knowledge to inform their present and future decisions. Neglecting this crucial data is a license to fail.

Whether you want to entice users to buy from your store or destroy the competitive landscape, leverage geofencing to help you effectively reach your customers.

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