Universal Laws-Understanding How They Affect Your Life

Some laws govern the universe and consequently affect your life every single day. Take, for instance, the Law of Gravity. This law allows you to walk firmly on the ground and not float around aimlessly in space. You know this law because if you drop something, it falls immediately down to the ground or floor, yet I doubt you never consciously stop thinkingbout this law and its importance in your life. Regardless of whether you consciously think about it, it exists and is always part of your everyday life.

Why the Universal Laws Are Important and How to Use Them for Spiritual  Growth | by Evelyn | Medium

So it is with the other many laws of our universe. Whether you ever think about them consciously, they are always actively playing out in your life, each interplaying with the others. Most of you have heard of the Law of Attraction and are probably striving to attract particular things into your life – a better job, a soulmate relationship, more money, great health, and so forth. Yet it seems these things often elude you, so you ask, “Why isn’t it working?”


I recently listened to a webinar that shared some enlightening explanations of how these laws work, so I felt guided to share them with you after realizing why we could be so off-track in trying so hard to attract what we want. As I mentioned above, each universal law interplays with another, so if one is, it will throw off the next, preventing the very desires we hope to attract from showing up. So let’s discuss these laws so you understand how intrinsically they influence every aspect of your living.

Take, for instance, the Law of Creation, or, if you will, the Law of Energy. You’ve heard me talk about energy countless times because this is our composition – energy. We are energetic beings who constantly create the experiences in our lives, thus making us creators. You probably understand this law – what point you put out is what you create – those negative, fear-based thoughts create negative experiences, and positive, loving thoughts create positive experiences. This is a scientific fact about energy and our role as creators of what shows up in our lives. Where you direct your focus is what shows up.

So this takes us a step further to the Law of Vibration. Essentially, the Law of Creation (or Energy) produces a vibration. The difference here is this: In the Law of Creation/Energy, you create a thought that sends out the energy, but the feeling in the vibration creates it into reality. Perhaps you ask for something for your life and want it, but every time you think about it, you doubt it can appear. You have then created the opposite of what you wish due to the vibration you felt – a negative fear-based feeling. And this is key: You can see it in your mind’s eye and know exactly what you want, but you have to feel it in your body to create it. It’s the seeing and experiencing that creates the vibration. Do you see how each law interplays with the other?

Let’s go a little deeper with this Law of Vibration. To understand it and flow with the vibrations of love that create the good things we want, it is important to step back and not be in the middle of it or its meaning. This is comparable to meditation: a thought comes to your mind while you’re trying to get clear of thoughts to meditate fully, so you allow it to pass through your mind without judgment. The same principle applies to the Law of Vibration.

As you allow vibration to be felt, pass no judgment, even if it comes from a negative space. Notice it. See what it truly is. Do not sit in the area of whether it is good or bad – no judgment. View it as it is. Then, you can decide whether this is a vibration you want to keep in motion. You probably don’t like it if it’s from fear, so release it. Then, decide what you want to replace it with love. You are not creating it; you are simply feeling the vibration of it. If this seems a little deep for you, it is, but it is realness in actuality.

Now, we step into the Law of Belief. This is what you believe – your truth. What you feel inside of you, even if the words you speak say something contrary, is what you manifest. You can understand your belief as you sit in the vibration and notice what it is without judgment. Here’s an example. I have been on a path of understanding what it takes to have vibrant health throughout my adult life. Many experiences have appeared to help me understand this more fully, some of which were far from pleasant. I remember having moments of doubt that I could ever become healthy as various disorders occurred. Later, however, as I understood these universal laws, I realized my inner thoughts that maybe I’d never find the answers I needed, or perhaps I wouldn’t see the ‘right’ people to help me, actually created a vibration of fear that created additional problems for me. I finally learned that I was already whole and could step into that wholeness and the process of creating more wholeness – a positive approach.

Understand this: Whatever shows up for you is what is inside of you!

So, if things in your life are not what you truly desire, step into a quiet space and notice your real beliefs. Somewhere in the recesses of your subconscious lies the truth, and once uncovered, you can let it go completely and create new ideas. So even though I had intended to be vibrantly healthy all through my life, my deep-faith was that most people receive various health challenges during their lifetime and that as I age, they will worsen. As you probably are, I was busy and didn’t take the time to dig deep into my real beliefs until more recent years. As a result, I delayed the actual outcome I was seeking, but the old saying “It’s never too late” certainly applies here.

What do you believe your place is in the whole landscape of your life? Taking it even further, where do you feel you fit in the entire scenario of the universe? These are tough questions for many individuals to answer, but if you dig deep enough, there are answers. Now, we can step into the next universal law, which is the foundation of the entire universe!

This is the Law of Oneness. Were you taught that we are separate from Universal Energy, God, Spirit, Heaven, and the Angels? When we feel different from our essence of love and the power that surges through the universe from the Higher Power, it’s a given we will feel afraid and separated. But when we understand that we are all connected and are, in truth, part of one energy, it’s an entirely different story.

What does it mean we are all connected? The universe – people, plants, animals, insects, all of nature, angels, God, planets, stars, sun – is all composed of the same energy. There is one universal source of energy that is in continuous motion, connecting all that is. Although each part of the universe may look and be different, it has a fuel composition. Energy is often referred to as a vibration – we discussed this already. And the heart energy is the cohesive energy for all humanity.

After the experience of 9/11 and the horrific ramifications of it, people came together in incredible ways – people felt empathy and love for all those who were hurting and grieving. Individuals and groups pulled together to help those who were suffering and in need because their hearts were filled with love for these people. No one considered what anyone thought about political views, religion, or other beliefs; they helped where needed because they felt it in their heart. In this example, we see the Law of Acceptance played out. This law is a sub-law for the Law of Oneness but is vital to grasp in the light of the Law of Oneness.

When we accept, we are connected; we are one. There is no attachment to certain beliefs or judgments; it just is. This is love – acceptance without judgment or putting a particular meaning to a situation. In this space, people can readily forgive another because they realize that the other person can be who they are and believe what they want and not fear our resistance to them. Of course, it doesn’t mean we accept illegal, immoral, or hurtful behavior as okay, but we can still buy and love the individual.

This means that you and I are connected through the vibration of universal energy to abhorred individuals such as murderers or rapists; they are part of the universal energy pool. However, the huge difference is how they operate their lives, obviously based on deep fear-based beliefs and making grossly negative choices, but they began just as we did from the same energy source. When we understand this connection to all of the universe, we can be more tolerant and accepting of individual differences as long as they remain within the boundaries of legal and moral standards.

The Law of Oneness tells us, being that we are cohesively connected to the universal energy pool, that we are part of all that is good – abundance, great health, wonderful relationships, peace, joy, happiness – this is our heritage and who we are, having been formed from love. We do not have to attract anything into our life because it is already here. All we need to do is open to it by aligning with that loving energy.

We talked earlier about the Law of Attraction and how it often doesn’t seem to work. All the laws we’ve been discussing are part of the Law of Attraction and must be part of attracting what you want. First, you must believe that you are your life’s creator. Every thought and belief you entertain, especially when they become repetitive in your mind, becomes your reality. Those thoughts are composed of energy that sends a vibration into the universe to bring you experiences from that same energy pool. It cannot do anything differently; it always must grab from the same energy pool. So, it seems essential to pay attention to your thoughts and the consequential vibrations you send out every minute of every day. If you don’t like something in your life, go back to your ideas and begin remodeling them because what appears in your life experience directly results from your internal thinking. It’s time to clear out the old beliefs, blocks, and fear-based thoughts so you can open to what is real and love.

A simple process I learned recently can help you clear out those unwanted, outdated, and limiting negative beliefs you have been hanging onto way too long, blocking what you desire. It’s so simple and free that you may doubt its benefits. Still, I can promise that if you do this regularly, you can easily shift into peace and harmony from the oneness of universal love energy and turn your wish list into reality.

Sit quietly and relax for for a few moments, as if preparing to meditate. Take a few deep breaths. Notice the energy around and in your body, and be aware of it. Feel that energy and know you are creating a filter to sort out negative beliefs. You are also grounding yourself in the energy flow, anchoring yourself into the earth while aligning with divine love. Now bring your attention back and bring to mind whatever issues don’t serve your highest good – it could be something small or large… whatever is bothering or depleting you or causing you worrisome thoughts. See it, then let it go and watch it dissolve into smoke, wafting away from you. Sit for a minute, breathe in the moment’s serenity and recognize the knowing that All Is Well! Repeat this process whenever you have something you wish to dissolve, or even continue the process in one sitting.

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