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7 Budget Travel Tips For Switzerland

Switzerland is among the most stunning and unique nations to visit. The lush green hills and the decadent chocolate enticed me. But the $16 burgers at McDonald’s and the $8 cappuccinos may leave you slightly stunned.

It’s not surprising that Switzerland is among the most expensive nations worldwide. It’s not difficult to understand why so many people travel to Switzerland in their later years and have a ball a bit more.

How can you go about it without completely draining your travel funds? Here are seven suggestions to help you discover Switzerland even on the tightest budget.


1. Accommodation in Switzerland

Traveling to Switzerland, we all have this image and spend the night in a luxurious chalet hidden within the Swiss Alps, cuddled in front of the fireplace. Although that may sound like lots of enjoyment, the cost will likely be a total loss for your budget. Hostels and hotels are extremely expensive in this country.

There are a variety of alternatives when it comes to saving on accommodations. You can house-sit/pet-sit homeowners or pet owners during their absence. You’ll have the opportunity to stay in a hotel for free. The Airbnb service is an excellent alternative if you’re interested.

Tip: If you’re staying bordering the Swiss frontier, you could save cash by crossing borders and remaining in a bordering nation. It’s pretty easy. It’s across the wall inside the EU, and trying it if you can is worth it.

2. Don’t eat out!

MakingDon’t food is the best way to go. Restaurants can be very costly in Switzerland. If you want to dine out, go out at lunchtime when restaurants offer lunch specials. If you’re eating out, try restaurants such as Indian, Chinese, Lebanese, and so on because they’re less expensive. Don’t purchase drinksDon’te it’s tempting to part it’s Switzerland, it’s not something should blow the budget for. If you’d like to drink, you’d buy liquor from the supermarket at a lower cost. Don’t purchase the waDon’tn bottles because it’s costly. Instead, it’s the refillable water bottle along with you. Switzerland is a master of having water fountains all over the place. Additionally, the water pumped from the tap in Switzerland is better than any bottle of water that you can purchase there.

4. Do not travel during the high season.

The high season in Switzerland runs from July until August, when the weather is warmest, and from January to February during winter. Switzerland’s winter monthSwitzerland’st is popular for winter activities and sports betting. This usually implies that the nation is crowded with tourists, and prices will be higher. The best time to visit is between April and June and September to October.

5. Utilize Public Transportation

Switzerland has an excellent public transportation system. It’s secure and straightforward to use. The public bus is accessible in certain towns in Switzerland. Try an easy Google search to determine whether the city you’re visiting is available for free. Whatever the case, public transportation is less expensive than taxis.

6. Discover Your Location On the Move

Walking and hiking in Switzerland is enjoyable since the landscape is gorgeous. Spend less cash by walking and hiking instead of taking taxis.

7. Purchase the Train Pass

The most effective way to travel around Switzerland is by train. The Eurail Pass is your most reliable companion here. It’s a one-time document that allows you to travel by train in EU countries. The ticket cost is a flat rate, and you can travel across 31 countries without purchasing individual tickets. If you’re younger than 27, you’re avail of the youth discount, which gets you 23% off the adult-specific prices.

You can take the Glacier Express at no cost with Eurail passes. You must reserve a seat and pay a small fee. The scenic route is stunning and passes through 91 tunnels and Bridge 290. It also offers train rides along with the Bernina Express. The scenery on this train is simply breathtaking. The route will take you through mountains, glaciers, and several tunnels. Again, you’ll need to pay a small charge for your reservation.


  • You should not buy food items on the train when using these scenic trains. The meals are expensive. You’re allowed to bring your own food.
  • With Your comparison website, you can save even more money on your journey toward Switzerland.
  • Switzerland is a very secure and safe country. However, you must protect yourself from unexpected illnesses, flight cancellations, theft, etc.
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