How an Experienced Law Firm Can Help Corporations Immigrate to the US

Over the last few years, illegal immigration has become a divisive, political hot-button issue in the U.S. But what about corporate immigration? There is a vast difference between a business that immigrates to the U.S. and individual people who come to the country in search of opportunity. For corporations looking to capture part of the U.S. consumer market, there are several business law basics to consider before you can legally move your company to the U.S. You must have an experienced corporate law firm on your side during this complicated move.


What are the basics of corporate immigration?

During a corporation’s move to the U.S., one of the critical processes is immigrating key employees and business officers to the U.S. The process can be incredibly murky and challenging without the guidance of a skilled law firm. Failing to facilitate the immigration of the key employees can hamper business operations and cause the company to lose money in the process. Corporations that want to immigrate to the U.S. need to comply with numerous and sometimes difficult federal business immigration laws. Companies can incur massive fees and other legal costs during the move.

Corporations moving to the U.S. aren’t coming to seek employment, but they are creating employment opportunities. That is the biggest difference between corporate immigration and personal immigration. A corporation’s move is an investment in the U.S. economy by creating jobs and economic opportunities in the area the corporation moves to. For corporate immigration, the new U.S. business entity’s creation must be done correctly so that the new company complies with the various state and federal laws. Being compliant from the start will ensure a smoother moving process and help save the business money.

What are the significant benefits of using a business law firm during the corporate immigration process?

Favorable Tax Structures

An experienced business law firm will know where the most attractive places are for corporations looking to expand into the U.S. market. Skilled attorneys will know what jurisdictions and counties have the most favorable tax structures in place for corporations seeking to immigrate. Favorable tax structures can give businesses a solid pool of potential workers to hire and ensure new companies’ reasonable property values.

Personal Liability Claims

A corporate law firm will understand the nuances surrounding personal liability claims in the U.S. Liability claims can seriously harm a business’s bottom line and morale. It’s important to know how to limit a corporation’s liability. A knowledgeable attorney can aid a new corporation in understanding liability laws in the U.S.

How to Manage Everyday Operations

Laws can vary significantly by country, state, and even county. A new business entity must understand the legalities surrounding how to operate day-to-day tasks and transactions. Knowing your corporation’s rights and what they legally can and cannot do will limit the business’s liability and risk of incurring legal fines and fees for any violations.

Transferring Ownership Rights

A corporate law firm will understand the transference of ownership rights. They will be able to guide the business on how to transfer ownership rights legally and also be able to explain what new ownership rights a corporation’s officers have once they immigrate to the U.S.

A foreign company wishing to immigrate to the U.S. will need to navigate a wide range of federal and state laws and ordinances. With the assistance of an experienced corporate law firm, the transition will be streamlined. Proper legal aid can save the new corporation money and key employees’ and officers’ time and energy. The correct legal guidance and immigration structuring from the start of the move can help a new company smoothly immigrate to the U.S. and protect its bottom line.

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