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Top Five Tips to Boost Your Car’s Mileage

Owing a car has become the fundamental need of the people in today’s life. You get a way out to commute to your workplace with ease, enjoy your long weekends with hassle-free traveling and manage emergency life situations with a car readily available.

However, vehicle ownership does come with a set of challenges. There are maintenance and repair costs and constant changes in the prices of petrol and gas taking a toll on your annual finances.

 Car’s Mileage

While there is little that you can do about the fuel price, you can find other alternatives to extend the utility of the fuel you put in your vehicle’s tank. Here are a few tips to help you boost your car’s mileage:

Be wary of the Weight You Carry.

You cannot even imagine how the junk and old items lying in your car’s trunk can stress out the rear axle. Unless a vehicle is four-wheel drive, the front wheels won’t be equipped with a good grip reducing the mileage significantly. Plus, more weight means more load on the engine and less fuel mileage in return.

So, take out the bulky items such as a shovel, roof boxes, or bicycle out of the car if they aren’t really needed on the way.

2. Send your Car for Regular Servicing

To keep up your car’s performance, you have to ensure that it is well-maintained and sent for timely service. Pump up your tires to the recommended pressure and have the air filter checked as well. Get your oil and car batteries changed to save up to ten percent on fuel costs.

Follow your vehicle manufacturer’s maintenance guide and if it is time for an engine tune-up, do it, and you will see a drastic improvement in your car’s performance.

3. Pay Attention to the Front-End Alignment

Generally, during heavy snowfall, driving over potholes can impact your vehicle’s wheel alignment. That leads to quick degradation of the wheels and puts a lot of pressure on the engine, further resulting in low car mileage.

So, when you notice that the steering wheel isn’t at its center or the car is pulling towards one side, take it immediately for an alignment setting.

4. Stick to the Recommended Fuel Type

Some people say that premium gas or petrol is better, while many racers and stunt drivers remain happy with regular fuel. However, they don’t understand that every vehicle engine is designed to work with a specific fuel, and you cannot use anything for your car.

If a car’s manual mentions using a certain type of fuel, it is the only one that would give the desired efficiency. The same applies to the engine motor oil as well.

5. Adhere to the Speed Limits

Sure, it may be exciting to live your dreams of becoming an F1 racer but do you realize that fast cruising through the roads can cut your ordinary vehicle’s fuel consumption by approximately seven percent?

Technically, you require a powerful engine to push you fast like other racers. Remember, the faster you go, the greater the fuel will be burnt. So, slow things down to reduce the amount of drag that your car has to work against.

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