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In this era, technology has reached new heights. Not just in science but in the entertainment industry too. From waking up to going to bed, we all are surrounded by different applications that somehow made our lives easier. In this busy schedule, we always look for something which will ease our work, and today, applications have becomes that ray of hope for us. Keeping in mind the sense of utility, applications have become our necessities in no time. According to research, the count of applications in the Google play store has reached 3.8 million. From different genres. Many applications have the same functionalities. We have curated some applications from that 3.8 million application list, which has mastered their functionalities and came to the top of the list.

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1. 9apps

As mentioned above, there are 3.8 million applications present on Google play today. From arcade to classic to entertainment, many applications play the same role. Google Play and ale store are some of the most leading application stores nowadays. Google play store has many offers, but with 3.8 million applications, the Google play store has some setbacks. To fill up those gaps, the app developers have created 9 apps. 9apps is one of the most popular and leading 3rd party application stores.

It is a one-stop destination to download many applications from different genres, including entertainment, arcade, classics food, games, movies, action, stimulations, and many others. Every application present on the Google play interface will be easily found on 9apps absolutely free. Yes, unlike the Google play store, all the applications present on 9apps are absolutely free. With only approx 2mbs in size, 9apps is a lite and the smallest platform to download many applications. It is in the form of apk, which does not occupy much larger spaces in the device’s storage. With Contrast to the google play store, 9apps does not ask its users to fill any criteria. Whether the users are on an older version of Android, it works everywhere. With super easy to navigate through the interface, 9apps comes with well-dictated descriptions of applications, which give users an insight view of the applications before downloading.

2. Google assistance

Just like Siri on Apple, Google assists users with voice commands. Google assistance is an official Google application that works on voice commands and is converted into a virtual assistant. With just voice commands, users can control smartphones and make the virtual assistant do the work. From sending texts to dialing calls, from creating alarms to controlling volume, Google assistant follows user’s commands. Google assistant launches by hitting the home button twice; not just this, Google Assistant also helps the users solve maths problems.

3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the leading and one of the most popular instant messaging app. WhatsApp is the fastest way to stay connected with loved ones absolutely free. Getting access to WhatsApp is very easy. It does not require a long procedure of registering oneself. Users can easily access WhatsApp by opting for one step registering with contact numbers only. Staying connected to love becomes easy on WhatsApp. Not locally, but the user’s can easily stay in touch with their loved ones even sitting seven seas away. Even with WhatsApp, connecting internationally is also absolutely free. Not just this, WhatsApp lets its users add a face up to their conversation by converting textual conversations into video calls. Not just this user can also get access to audio calls too. WhatsApp is a platform to exchange texts and gives users access to exchange media in Audio. The video, images, and even locations. To spice up textual conversations, users can get access to 1000+ emoticons.

4. Google drive

Google Drive is one of the massive and leading cloud space services offered by Google services. It is a cloud storage service that gives access to a large storage space free of cost. Google Drive offers 15MB of free space. The storage is used by Google Drive, Google Photos, and Gmail. Users can get access to Google drive by accessing with a Google account. It gives users access to store multiple numbers of attachments, documents, and photos. Google drive is the most secure for storing files. With Google drive, security can be sourced by us. Nothing can be shared with other members until someone permits them to do that.

5. Vidmate

Vidmate is one of the most popular and leading platforms to download music and videos for free. It is a platform that allows users to download music and videos from different video hosting sites including, Daily motion, vine, Metacafe, Instagram, and adding to the list even YouTube. Yes, Vidmate also gives its users to download videos and music even from YouTube. Not just this, users can also choose between qualities, formats, and resolutions ranging from 1080p to 360p, from low qualities and HD.

Vidmate is not only a platform to download media content but also offers a new revolutionary experience of downloading; not only video and music get downloaded at superfast speed, but it also offers its users the to stream live TV and match absolutely free. Unlike other applications in the list, it does not ask for any additional charges, Their app itself in the form of apk which does not occupy much larger spaces in the storage of the device. With super-fast downloading speed and other alluring features, Vidmate comes with a super easy and user-friendly interface to navigate through. And for those who want to secure their content into a private, even their Vidmate works the best. Vidmate gives access to its users to secure their private content with passcodes.

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