Five Sports To Help You Get Fit And Healthy

There are many sports out there, and all of them can do something good for your body, but they can also be harmful as well. The point is to follow safety rules and wear the right gear when it comes to being safe. But you can also opt to do these sports as just a way to stay fit, not as a way to be a part of the competition.

Whether you are about competing and being a part of a team or want to do something different for fitness than just working out at the gym or going for a job, here are a few sports ideas and what they can do to help you get fit and healthy.


Hockey is a really tough sport, in the manner of wanting to protect yourself on the ice and take a lot of skill. However, it can be fun too. Skating is a great way to build up leg strength, and if you are doing it as a team player, you will learn a lot about working with other people.


If hockey is the sport for you, you may find that you only get a chance to do it during colder months, when there is some ice out there for you to skate on. Get on your skates and get in the ice rink every chance you can get. Taking that hockey stick with you can also help you strengthen your arms and a great workout for your waist!


Basketball is an excellent full-bodyget a great leg workout, building muscle strength from running and jumping. But you will also find it’s a great way to burn a ton of calories.


Want to work on your arms? Work on your swing. Be sure to consult a bat sizing chart to find the right bat for your height and weight; then, you can hit the batting cages and work on your upper body strength.

While running a track will help you burn more calories than running base to base, you still get to have a little more fun by playing baseball instead of just going for a run.


Like all of the other sports mentioned so far, tennis is a great full-body workout. You might think you’re going to do a lot of standing, but when that tennis ball comes your way, you need to move and swing. Whether you have a friend on the other side of the net or a machine, you are going to be doing a lot of moving and swinging. If tennis isn’t your thing, try volleyball instead!


Playing golf allows for a less strenuous exercise routine. Leave the golf cart behind, and carry your own clubs, though. It’s a good time to get in a walk around the course, and swinging that club, and carrying those clubs, give you a nice strong back and arms as well.

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