Most people at some point or another have suffered a broken heart. This is usually followed by months of a grieving period and a difficulty accepting that something that meant so much to you both at one point is now nothing but a distant memory. For some people, it can take years before they fully move on. Don’t be one of these people!

At the end of the day, if it didn’t work out, there are plenty of fish in the sea. By grieving over someone who wasn’t willing to put in the effort, or simply wasn’t your match, you are only limiting yourself. You may find yourself blue celebrating the holidays, or crying on your Anniversary, however, this isn’t doing you any favors. Stop this mentality now and move on. Here’s how.

Stop Texting and Calling

The first thing that you need to stop doing is being in contact. When you are constantly reminded of their existence then you may start building up false hopes of getting back together. Although there it’s not entirely impossible to have a reconciliation, it’s best to behave as if it’s not going to happen. This way you can prepare yourself for moving on with your life.



If you must, erase their contact information from your phone completely. Especially if you are consuming alcohol and may find yourself wanting to reach out. This can be one of the riskiest times for making unnecessary contact that you may later regret.

Stop Looking At Their Social Media

Out of sight is out of mind when it comes to moving forward from a past relationship. If you are looking at their social media and seeing what they are up to constantly, you put yourself at risk for an obsession. You may find yourself overly suspicious or jealous, and even insecure.

Therefore, it is recommended to not only stop looking at their social media but consider deleting their profile entirely. This way you eliminate the possibility of stalking their page or trying to dig about their whereabouts. This isn’t healthy behavior and should be avoided at all costs.

Start Dating Other People

In order to move past your memories together, you should start creating new memories. It’s important to get yourself back into the game and start dating new people. Not only will this take your mind off your pesky ex, but it will increase your self-esteem if you find yourself lacking after the breakup.

You can either join a dating site, or try to meet people the old-fashioned way in places like clubs, bars, or anywhere people gather socially. Get yourself back into the market and you’ll find that you will meet your new person much sooner and get over your breakup in no time.