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However you arrive at the decision to become a counsellor or therapist, a career in counselling can be a rewarding and satisfying experience. For many it’s a calling, while for others it may be the result of a life or career change, in which case finding the best counselling training course can be the first step to your new profession.

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Established in 1998, Chrysalis Courses are the UK’s leading trainer in accredited counselling courses. We believe training as a counsellor is much more than just a studying for a career. It’s about being able to help different people with a varied mix of problems and issues, and making a real difference in both their lives, as well as your own.

The accredited register

Whether you’re new to counselling or looking to further your career with additional qualifications, choosing the best counselling course for your needs will go a long way to becoming a fully accredited counsellor. And being accepted as an accredited registrant will see you added to the National Counselling Society practitioner register.

Launched in 2012 and covering counselling and other healthcare organisations, the Accredited Register programme was set up to give public assurances regarding the standards of health registers. As such, all of the counselling courses available from Chrysalis are fully accredited by both the National Counselling Society and the National Hypnotherapy Society, which are, in turn, accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

Our courses will be your route to becoming an official registrant. And as the public are advised only to use the services of those counsellors who are fully accredited, gaining entry to the register is crucial to the success of your career, and the confidence of your patients.

Learning with Chrysalis

Your chosen counselling training course will be a varied mix of assessed practical and theoretical modules, as well as face to face learning. Naturally, no course is complete without homework, and you’ll have one assignment each month to complete which should total around 8 hours of reading and writing a week.

But many courses also have practice groups that meet between modules, and you’ll have access to a personal tutor by phone to discuss any aspect of your course, the module, or your assignments. You’ll also undertake appropriate client work throughout your time on your course, which, depending on your course and your skill level, can range from supervised case studies to a full placement in practice.

Each year at the end of your course, whether it’s one, two, or three years, a final assessment is carried out on both your classroom work and the work undertaken with your clients. And if you’re considered safe, ethical and competent at your course level, your successful qualification will be awarded.

To ensure every student receives fair grades, our assessment methods focus on key practical skills. We use independent second marking, as well as a highly qualified external examiner to make sure we maintain both quality and consistency in our grading.

What do you need to apply?

If the time is right for you to pursue a career in counselling right from the start, then our entry level course is the first step to a professional hypnotherapy practice. It will also give you the initial counselling skills you need to advance and build your career in counselling.

Entry onto this first year course is open to any adult who wants to pursue a long-term career in counselling and can show a real understanding of the course materials. All applicants must, of course, be ethical and responsible, as well as showing a desire to grow both personally and professionally, in order to make a difference and help others.

If you’ve already had experience in counselling training, have the necessary Level 3 qualification in counselling, or another type of professional hypnotherapy qualification, you’ll be able to start with direct entry onto our second year course. Further entry onto our more advanced courses requires the passing of other courses.

When and where?

Chrysalis counselling courses are held at many different city locations all over the UK, with classes running throughout the year (excluding July, August and late December). Each course meets for one full day a month on a weekend, with students meeting each other for pre-scheduled practice sessions, arranged on evenings or weekends.

Each counselling course starts in either spring or autumn depending on your chosen location, but your course brochure will provide you with all the dates, times and venue location information you need. However, your initial course interview will more than likely take place in the same venue as your course.

As Chrysalis are the UK’s market leading trainer in counselling courses and talk-based therapies, many of our courses are heavily oversubscribed. If you’re interested in undertaking any of our courses, we always recommend enrolling a number of months before the course start date to ensure a successful application and secure any funding you might need

Counselling courses for you

With so many benefits attached to each of our counselling training courses, you’ll develop and grow both professionally and personally. From a professional viewpoint, you’ll earn recognised qualifications, gain professional recognition in your field, and have the opportunity to join the Accredited Register. Not only that, but you’ll open up options for flexibility in your own working hours as well as having good, long-term earning potential.

But personally, you’ll be embarking on a career that will make a real difference to you and your clients. Helping others with a mix of personal problems and issues is an enriching and fulfilling experience. And through your chosen course, you’ll be able to explore the thoughts, feelings and reasonings of your patients, helping them through any difficult or challenging times.

At the same time, you’ll also gain a real sense of achievement and personal satisfaction. Giving you the confidence to make a meaningful difference to you own life. With so much to gain and so little to lose, what’s stopping you?

Chrysalis counselling training courses will help you achieve your potential, whether you’re starting a new career path or looking to improve your current one. For more information and full details on all Chrysalis counselling training courses, visit Chrysalis Courses and find out how you can make a difference.

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