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Europe on a Budget: Twice the Value for Half the Price

Europe on a Budget: Twice the Value for Half the Price 1The key to a successful budget trip to Europe is being prepared. It would be best to have good quality, comfortable shoes for all your hiking, a cozy sleeping bag in case of a sub-standard bed, and a good VPN server so you can pay for things quickly and securely online. Most places in Europe have free public Wi-Fi, which is great for keeping in touch with family, searching for something to do near your accommodation, and staying up to date with your online sports betting.

Europe on a Tight Budget

That’s one of the advantages of having a small budget to spend on traveling: you may be forced to settle for less popular destinations, and you’ll likely avoid most of the crowds. In addition, you’ll probably get a better view of the local culture than if you go somewhere more touristy.


Bulgaria can be one of the cheapest places to visit, but only if you know how to find affordable accommodation. The best option is often to rent an apartment rather than stay in a hotel. That way, you’ll pay the local market price, not the inflated tourist price. A couple on a budget can stay in Bulgaria for less than €50 per day, and for €80, you can enjoy a little more comfort.

The main activities you can enjoy in Bulgaria involve the natural environment. There are magnificent hiking trails, and the white sand beaches along the Black Sea coast are spectacular. You can view historic castles and other buildings, and in winter, there’s skiing. Otherwise, if you’re not energetic enough for those activities, you can sit comfortably at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre and enjoy great-value shows for your money.


Bosnia is also one of the best value-for-money European destinations to visit. The two main tourist centers are Sarajevo and Mostar, which may have slightly inflated prices. However, food, drink, accommodation, and transport are all fairly cheap everywhere.

If you don’t require luxurious accommodation and are traveling alone, you should be able to live comfortably and even go on a few trips for €50 or less per day. If you take your lead from the locals, you can eat and drink for less than €10. A couple could do quite well for themselves on €75.


Montenegro is famous for the forts and walled cities built during the height of the Roman Empire. The countryside lends itself to exploration by bicycle or on foot if you’re energetic. You can enjoy hiking, climbing, or river rafting in the Eastern part of the country.

Tourists don’t tend to venture too far from the seaside towns, but you can buy reasonably priced meals or groceries even in tourist places. The most reasonable option for accommodation is one of the many Airbnbs, which you can find for under €50 per night (or two people can stay in a double room in a hotel, in Herceg Novi only, for a similar price).

The Best Time to Visit Europe on a Budget

Summer is the peak season when Europe is most congested. During this period, prices also rise. For a low-cost vacation, we recommend traveling in the spring or Fall. Spring and Fall are still warm with nice weather, fewer tourists, and lower costs.

Winter is bitterly cold, especially in the Deep South, which isn’t enjoyable. On the other hand, the Christmas season is spectacular, with many Christmas markets and festivities! Because the days are shorter in the north, you’ll lose time traveling or visiting in the winter.

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