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5 Ways To Save Money While Shopping Online

It’s the 21st century, everything is digital right now, isn’t it? From buying groceries to paying bills. Not to mention that Online E-commerce has skyrocketed.

But at the same time, companies have exploited this opportunity to rake in their pockets with dollars, and that’s why I’m sharing here 5 tips to save money online while shopping!

Compare Before you Buy:-

Because of so many options available online, one advantage you get is you get to choose from a number of websites before you have to finalize your product.

This gives you an advantage to compare the price and reviews.

Many a times, you can get the same hotel rooms, or books or anything in general at quite the price-difference from different E-commerce portals.

You can either do this manually, or you can use those automated comparing websites available.

Use Coupons:-

There always is one or the other kind of deal going on with these E-commerce platforms.

You might not find them with the naked eye simply because they might not be promoting it on the homepage.

In those cases you just have to Google for the coupons. Something like Flipkart Coupons, Swiggy Coupons, Faasos Coupons, Zomato Coupons etc.

Google will take you to the relative sites and then you can use those coupons to avail the discounts or offers available.

Wait for Deals

“Patience is rewarding” is an age-old phrase. Well not sure about other affairs but as far as shopping online goes, it sure holds true.

Simply because, it’s almost impossible that there isn’t a deal going on around Christmas or Halloween or any other festivals.

If you can just wait till the festive seasons, you can avail as much as 90% discount on some products.

And it’s not just about festive seasons, many E-commerce platforms give away deals in specific months across the year.

For eg. The third month, the 6th month and the 12th month. So should check those E-commerce platforms out around March, June and December.



Buy during Off-Seasons:-

Off Seasons were popular much before Internet came along. What off seasons mean is, let’s say you want to buy a refrigerator, well if you buy it when it’s snowing around your place, you should get a pretty neat discount.

Same logic applies to any other products. Winter wears can be bought in summer, summer wears in winter.

The product sales go down in the off-seasons, and so does the pricing.

Subscribe to Newsletter:-

I know, they mostly spam our E-mails. But in the last month alone I’ve availed a discount of over $1000 on Air-fares.

So if you can excuse the “spam E-mails” from the E-commerce platforms, you sure should subscribe to them.

Because whenever there’s a deal going on, they most often than not send out an E-mail to their subscribers first and foremost.

A tip you can use is, setup a separate E-mail account only for E-commerce newsletters, this way your primary Email would remain junk-free, and you’d not miss out on the deals either!

Final Words:-

Those are the very basic tips anyone can use to bring home some heavily discounted products.

There are other “complicated” ways you can cross paths with, for eg. A guy from Europe figured out a “legal” way to reduce airfares by over 90%.

He figured out cheapest destinations and connecting flights, and developed an algorithm which puts all the factors together, obviously the algorithm was banned later but what I’m trying to say is, you can either be that guy, or just be a bit patient and use this guide.

Do let me know what you shop for in the comments though!

Four Reasons You Should Be Growing Your Own Produce

Gardening can be a fun hobby, but it is a hobby that has some major rewards. You put money into it and you get food out of it, food that cost you less than it would have with a trip to the grocery store. Although. You do need to put more time and effort into this food than just a trip to the store.

Growing produce is extremely rewarding, so if you have space for a garden of any kind, if if you’re just container gardening on your porch, you should take advantage of the chance to grow your own fruits and vegetables. You just need to make sure that you are planting plants meant to grow in the zone you live in, so you’ll get good food for your efforts.



Fun To Create Garden Beds

It can seriously be fun to plant and tend to a garden. It really is a great hobby. Not only do you learn what needs to go where, and what will be ready to harvest sooner, but you also get the joy of eating food you’ve grown all by yourself.

Get creative. Plant your gardens in raised garden beds, or try container gardening. Have fun with it, and take some time to learn what homemade things you can use in your garden, like creating your own natural bug repellents and fertilizers.

Save Money On Groceries

Growing your own food isn’t a free enterprise, but it will help you save money on your grocery bill. Plus, you’ll learn what foods grow better in your soil, and what foods are easier to grow more of. If you find you have too much of something growing, you can either give it to people or sell some on a roadside stand.

Do Something For The Environment

Plants help clean oxygen, making the air you breath even cleaner. Plus, the plants you are growing are also improving the soil that you are growing them in. This is one of the reasons why it is suggested that you change around your crops in your garden each year. Take some time to learn more about this.

Know What’s In Your Food

The most influential bonus of growing your own food is the fact that you know what is in what you are cooking with. You know what fertilizers and what pesticides are used on your foods, and can opt to use natural products that will help you eat healthier.

You can bet your first harvest will lead to the best tasting produce you’ve had in awhile. Growing your own food always leads to better tasting meals, because you put your heart and soul into having a successful garden and crop.

How to Use the Cloud to Streamline Your Business Processes

You’ve probably heard all about the cloud and how it can transform your business. However, do you really know what providers mean when they say this? The digital transformation journey is taking every industry by storm, but until you’ve started to explore it in more detail, it’s hard to know what it really means. The cloud can bring your business many benefits, the main one being improving your processes. While there are plenty of technical connotations too, you should be concerned with the advantages it brings to your business, and the ones you can pass onto your end users or customers. So, here are the top ways you can use the cloud to improve and streamline your business.

Improve efficiency

With the cloud, you can cut down on a number of time-wasting situations, and therefore improve how efficient your processes are, and how efficient your employees are. By choosing a cloud platform, you’re letting another provider handle all of your IT, therefore freeing up your time to add more value to your business. This enables all your teams to act more efficiently, as you’re not worrying about running new updates or checking how your IT is working. Likewise, all of your employees can access data from one single place: there’s no wasting time over finding different locations and worrying about how to transfer or integrate data.



The cloud also opens up a multitude of new software opportunities. There are many more applications available on the cloud, so if you’re having issues with certain elements of your business, you’ll be able to find an app that can improve it. Plus, with automated features, you won’t need to spend valuable time on tasks that can be done automatically.

You also won’t need to spend time worrying about your IT going down, or needing to run updates on every single computer. If an employee’s device breaks or crashes, you can simply replace it and download all the data and applications back onto it, instead of waiting around for new software to be added – or dealing with the consequences of losing data stored on a single device.

Reduce time-to-market

One of the biggest ways that the cloud can streamline your business is by improving your time-to-market. With the cloud, you can access and analyze data much faster than when stored on physical machines. Everyone has access to the same single point of truth, so there’s no mistakes or crossed wires.

With the cloud, you don’t need to spend time or money on acquiring new programs or hardware. You’ve got everything you need to roll out new business models, services or products instantly. Plus, it lets you maintain a constant environment of research, testing and development, ensuring that you can create and innovate without the high costs. With a pay-per-use model, you only need to pay for what you’re using, freeing you up to add value.

Not only do you have the environment to create more, but you have the time too. You don’t need to spend your day working on your IT or running updates. You can spend your time wisely, and coming up with new ways to add value to the business or to your customers.

Likewise, you can use software to link various applications, so you can speed up processes. Using, for example, NetSuite integrations for Salesforce CRM, allows you to convert orders in Salesforce into cash in NetSuite. Depending on what platforms you use, there are various different ways you can do this.

Improve productivity

According to a recent study, using cloud can improve your employees’ productivity by 400 percent. This astronomical figure is due to a number of things. Firstly, employees can bring in their own device. This type of strategy – bring your own device (BYOD) – means everyone can work in the way that suits them best. It also means you can save money on providing high-quality devices!

In addition, the cloud enables your workforce to be more connected. From messaging apps to internet calls, there are numerous cloud applications that allow your teams to work together, regardless of where they are. They will all be using the same database too: there are no lengthy delays waiting for data to synchronize across teams.

You’re not alone if you’re using the cloud to improve productivity: 59 percent of businesses that do so are likely to see their productivity increase.

Plus, employees will have access to better IT: they won’t have to worry about crashes or delays, as the cloud system ensures that there’s enough capacity to handle any demand. So, as your employees have more work to do, there’s more computing power to enable them to keep up with demand.

Reduce costs

One of the biggest changes you’ll notice is costs. You can reduce your costs, giving you more freedom to streamline your business. With no upfront fees or costs of buying equipment, you can move faster and add efficiency. Depending on the model you use, you’ll also be able to save money with consumption-based pricing. With this way of paying costs, you can pay more when you need to use more, but then scale it back when you don’t need to use it anymore. You’ll have much more freedom with cloud budgets, meaning that your business can benefit in the long term.

The other way that the cloud can streamline your business’s budget, is through who you use. With the cloud, you don’t need to pay for expensive support services or in-house experts. Instead, your service provider will keep you up to date with any and all changes and updates as part of your package. Likewise, you won’t need to keep paying for new hardware and software updates, as technology gets more advanced. The cloud is agile, and changes as the world of tech does, so you’ll never miss out on new opportunities, as your IT will always be compatible and able to work alongside innovative services and applications.

Improve security

Not only can the cloud streamline your security processes, but it also streamlines your disaster recovery processes. Firstly, employees can set up better security, thanks to two-factor authentication login. Then, if data is lost, it won’t be gone forever: nearly all cloud providers include automatic back-up, so it’s just a case of downloading everything that was lost. Likewise, your provider will be storing and protecting your data in a more robust, advanced way than you ever could – they’re experts in this field, and know exactly how to manage data.

Do You Understand the Benefits of Shopping Online?


Are you the type of person who wants to shop online, but always avoids this for one reason or another? Are you unfamiliar with the benefits of this experience? Do you hope to change your ways in the near future?

With 79 percent of Americans shopping online, there aren’t many people out there who haven’t gone down this path.

While you don’t have to do all your shopping via the internet, it’s something you should definitely consider. Once you get into the habit, there’s no looking back. You’ll soon realize that it can do big things for you.

Tip: There are things you should always buy online, as well as items that you are better off purchasing locally. Make a list of both, so that you always know what to do.



With that in mind, let’s examine some of the top benefits of shopping online.

1. Convenience

There is nothing better than the convenience of shopping online. With this approach, you never have to leave home.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the market for an automated home security system, food, or diapers, there’s a product and store that is perfect for you.

There will always be times when it makes sense to shop locally, but using the internet is just about as convenient as it gets.

2. Low Prices

It always feels good to save money, so shopping online is something you should consider.

Maybe you want to purchase a JUUL vaporizer kit. Or maybe you want to purchase designer clothes.

Regardless of what’s on your shopping list, most people find that using the internet allows them to save money. If nothing else, you should compare online prices to those at local stores. This will give you a clear idea of if you are in position to save.

3. Easy to Compare Products

When you shop at a land based store, it can be a challenge to compare products. Even if they are located next to one another, you may not have the information you need to make an informed and confident buying decision.

When you shop online, however, you have access to more information than you’ll know what to do with. This includes everything from price to features to specs.

If you’re the type of consumer who enjoys comparison shopping, you’ll want to spend more time online.

4. Access to Reviews

Depending on what you’re buying, you may want access to professional and consumer reviews before making a purchase.

With these guiding you, it’s much easier to know which product is best.

Tip: You don’t want to believe everything you read, but online reviews can definitely provide you with the knowledge you need to make the right purchase.

5. Fast Shipping

There used to be a time when buying online meant waiting an extended period of time for your order to arrive. Fortunately, those days have come and gone.

Some stores, such as Amazon, can now have your order to you within a day or two (at the most).

It may not be as fast as buying in person, but fast shipping times are now the norm. This should no longer be an issue when shopping for most items.

Final Thoughts

Brands (both big and small) are spending more money than ever before to drive traffic to their online store. For example, they’re spending large amounts of time and money on Shopify SEO and other marketing strategies.

With this in mind, you shouldn’t hesitate to search the internet when the time comes to make a purchase. There is no guarantee that you will find what you are looking for, but most consumers come to realize that there is probably a store that can help them out.

If you’ve never shopped online in the past, it’s time to do so in the near future. You won’t be disappointed with the experience.

What are your thoughts on shopping online? Is this something you enjoy, or have you avoided this at all costs in the past? Do you have any other benefits to add to the five above? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, all with the idea of helping other consumers move in this direction.

5 ways that you can save money on international calls

With the countless internet-based calling applications available today, you do not have to pay your domestic mobile network provider higher fees in order to call home from abroad. You can easily stay in touch with loved ones and the office while traveling the world through laptop-based programs, smartphone applications, and other dedicated devices. Here are five ways that you can save money on international calls.

Image result for money

Unlock your mobile phone

One of the most appropriate ways for frequent travelers is to unlock existing mobile phones to enable you to be constantly connected while traveling abroad. All you need to do is purchase a prepaid SIM card that works in the destination country. Prepaid SIM cards are quite affordable and will come with airtime credit so that you can start making calls. You will have the convenience of having a local phone number and enjoy low domestic call rates and lower international rates than what you would pay if you were roaming with your local service provider.

Use a smartphone App

You can communicate with loved ones using mobile applications such as Tikki on your Android device or iPhone. You will require access to a Wi-Fi connection in order to make affordable phone calls. You can easily get free Wi-Fi in public spots in your destination country. It is best that you research different options in your target destination before traveling.

Purchase calling cards

Calling cards are still popular in several countries, especially those that have restricted mobile infrastructure. However, calling cards can be used to lower international calling rates with landline and mobile phones and can be used even in countries that have highly advanced mobile phone networks. Calling cards offer per minute rates that are similar to Internet-based calling services. A VOIP calling card may be an ideal option for individuals who do not mind dialing several extra numbers in order to get connected.

Accept incoming calls

One of the most affordable ways of keeping in touch while abroad is by having contacts from your home country call you directly at your current destination. Most mobile networks will offer lower international calling rates when calling a foreign number. Furthermore, most mobile networks overseas will offer free incoming calls. Your contacts can also call you directly on your hotel room phone number if you do not buy a foreign SIM card.

Rent a phone

You can temporarily rent a wireless phone or buy a cheap phone that works in the area you are traveling to. You can easily get cheap phones from online phone dealers. Furthermore, your regular carrier may have overseas rental services. You will enjoy cheaper per-minute call rates than what you would pay to roam on your local home network. You will also save yourself the hassle of buying a foreign SIM card or having to install new smartphone Apps.

Whether you are a seasonal or regular traveler, keeping in touch with your office and loved ones back home is important. However, international calls can be quite costly if you do not know which techniques to use. Today, there are various options that you can use to save money on international calls. With the aforementioned methods in mind, you can keep in touch with those that you wish to call, at a little to no cost at all.


Best Summer Tips for Keeping your Office Energy in Budget

Mapping out your energy budget can be very difficult depending on the size and scale of your business. As your business begins to grow, it’s ideal to hire an energy management company that will use cutting-edge energy technology to provide costs-savings measures and allow your business to budget for your annual energy costs.



For SME’s and big corporations, conducting an energy audit on your office can identify areas where energy is being wasted. A study by the EPA found that on average commercial buildings waste nearly 30% of their total energy consumed.

Consider a retro-commissioning of your office, which can result in a cost savings of nearly 16% annually and pay for itself in a little over a year. Let’s discuss additional tips you can incorporate into your office to produce cost savings on your summer utility bill.

Hit the Lights

Some of the longest days of summer are often filled with wonder and the feeling that they almost might never end. Why would you keep the lights on all day when the summer days are filled with such brilliant luminosity?

Save money on lighting the entire office by only placing artificial lights in dark areas and letting natural sunlight fill the office with a little vitamin D.

Replace CFLs with LED lights, which produce much less heat and are significantly more energy efficient. Instead of replacing your entire office’s lighting fixtures, businesses can save money by simply retrofitting existing fixtures with brighter LED lights.

Economize your lighting. Whenever office personnel leaves at night turn off all of the lights. If your business runs 24/7, then it’s incredibly cost-effective to only leave the lights on in parking lots and in between zones that produce major traffic.

Consider installing indoor and outdoor motion sensor lights that will only turn on when someone physically occupies a room or area. This will save money on lighting costs and also leave your office cooler in the morning.

Maintain Control of the Thermostat

The true power struggle of society does not lie in the clash between the rich and the poor, the prince and the popper, but over the thermostat. I’m sure you’ve encountered this situation before. Somebody leaves the room and you immediately turn the thermostat up only to find that the next time you leave the room, the thermostat is two degrees lower than it was originally set to.

So what’s the solution? Well, keeping the thermostat at a consistent temperature will actually cost your business $180 annually because your HVAC unit will continually shut on and off to keep up with any temperature changes. Continually cycling the thermostat between different temperatures also requires more power.

Placing the thermostat at one degree higher in the summer results in a cost savings of 6-8% on utility costs annually. Ensure there are no cracks or leaks at the office where hot air can seep through and that all doors and window are closed to maintain a steady flow of cool air.

Technology fans can reach peak efficiency by installing a smart thermostat that will adjust the temperature of the office based on its occupancy. Your programmable thermostat can also work with Amazon’s Alexa and can be operated and monitored from any location.

Be sure to choose the right spot to stick your thermostat. A thermostat next to a hot window will cause your HVAC unit to work harder. Be sure that no furniture or appliances are blocking any registers that allow for heat to escape.

Here’s some additional tips to reduce cooling costs. If you treat your employees to some lunch, be sure to eat out. The amount of heat produced from cooking food in your kitchen is enough to create a sweat box.

Oh yeah, turn down that the temperature of that water pump. Who needs scolding hot water to wash their hands, it’s summer for crying out loud!

Change the Air Conditioning Unit

Depending on the size of your office, you can use an energy-star ceiling fan in conjunction with your AC unit to raise the temperature of that thermostat.

Is the AC always on at your office? Consider letting in some air and some light by opening the window if it’s possible. If you really need a central air unit, then it’s important to regularly clean the filters of your unit to keep it running at optimal usage and reduce the amount of noise being produced.

Having clean condenser coils consumes less energy and helps prevent against major repairs. While many HVAC units are designed to last for many years, any small problem that develops and is not maintenanced will severely limit the lifespan of your HVAC unit.

Beware of Phantom Energy

When you leave the office at night unplug everything. Phantom power is a real phenomenon, where power is still being consumed even while equipment is turned off. When I say unplug everything, I also mean that vending machine at night. You can use a power strip to make this process simpler.

The greatest bulk of energy usage will come from computers and the office TV. It’s crucial that you place all electronic equipment in hibernation mode to cut off the amount of power being consumed by those bulky machines.

Minimize CPU and TV use by playing your music through a bluetooth speaker or Amazon Echo, which can also control your thermostat. Minimize the risk of blowing up up your capacitors or suffering through an electrical surge by plugging in equipment to smart power strips. Smart power strips also allow you to unplug all of your equipment from one location.

Someone Clean Out the Fridge

The number one energy consumer of a commercial kitchen originates from the refridgerator unit. Upgrading a refrigerator unit from ten years ago to an energy-star unit could result in a reduction of 30% of your energy consumption.

The only refrigerator that’s more crammed with junk than your own personal fridge is probably the office fridge. It’s important to regularly clean out refrigerators to ensure that proper air circulation is maintained. Be sure that the refrigerator is at least 4 inches away from the wall to also maintain air circulation among the condenser coils.

Be the Boss

Examine your energy costs and your energy budget and compare it to industry standards. Use this as a template to identify areas where energy initiatives can be placed to reduce consumption, such as lighting and cooling costs.

Look through your previous utility bills to identify patterns where peak demands are mostly occurring. Reduce lighting and cooling during peak demand hours to offset the rising cost. This will allow your business to set aside money for seasonal accruals on energy costs and potentially invest more money into expansion through smart energy measures.

Team Building

Finally, energy savings and conservancy should be the central focus of any administrative team. Conduct an educational seminar on smart energy practices to help save your business hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars annually.

As team members, you can begin conducting virtual meetings with clients and customers to save money on fuel expenses. Certain industries can practically remove the need for an office altogether by having employees work remote or utilize coworking centers. Consider doing some team building exercises, such as planting a tree near your office’s southern and western windows to cool the office.

Produce an accountability program that requires team members to unplug equipment at the end of the night and follow proper smart energy protocols. Make it fun.


Nearly every energy saving measure and investment on this list will produce a much higher return on investment than its initial spend. Not only do smart energy initiatives save your business money, but they are also good for customers who are becoming more conscious of businesses who utilize green technology. No business ever survived by failing to adapt to change, whether it’s in the consumer market or even offsetting rising energy costs.


The Best Times That You Should Consider Debt Consolidation

People who are in debt are always asking themselves when they can consider debt consolidation as their last resort. They will look at their options and feel confused and overwhelmed by the whole situation. Most people do not know whether debt consolidation is a solution or they should just struggle to get out of debt on their own.

Debt consolidation is good if you are unable to handle multiple payments

If you have debts from several lenders, this can make it difficult and stressful to make your monthly payments. Most people will feel overwhelmed as it will seem as if they are not anywhere near being debt free. In addition, you will have different amounts and dates for paying your various loans. You can consolidate all your debts and end up with one single monthly payment that will be easier for you to handle and less stressful.

Debt consolidation is the only option left

Before you opt for debt consolidation, you must ensure that you have done anything possible to be debt-free on your own. Consolidation of debts can be beneficial to different people and in different situations. However, it is just good to try all means to get out of debt on your own. If all other strategies for getting out of debt fail, then you can resort to debt consolidation of all your loans.



Debt consolidation will lower your interest rates

People opt for debt consolidation so that they can combine their loans into a single, convenient payment. In addition, one payment will lower their interest rates on all their debts and this can help individuals to save money. When choosing a financier for your dent consolidation, make sure that you go for one who offers the best interest rates. Take your time to compare various vendors and use a free debt calculator to find one who offers good interest rates.

You have found a good debt consolidation company

Even though there are several reputable debt consolidation firms in the industry, there are some organizations that cannot be trusted. Disreputable companies exist because they know prospective clients are usually in desperate financial situations and very vulnerable. For example, some clients may have low credit scores because of constantly defaulting on their loan repayments. Most debt lenders will be reluctant to finance you because you are considered a high-risk client. After conductingdebt reviews, you can opt for debt consolidation if you have spotted a reputable company that guarantees results and you have researched thoroughly and proven that they are genuine.

Debt consolidation can help you improve your financial situation

You can opt for debt consolidation if it is the only way that you can clean up your current financial mess. Dealing with one monthly payment may help you save money on interest rates and other loan repayment charges. The extra amount of money can be saved and used to get you into a better financial situation. Make sure that you are able to pay the monthly payments for the entire loan duration.

There is no easy answer as to whether you should get debt consolidation or not. This is just a personal choice that will depend on your current financial situation. There are no tests that can help you determine whether this is right or wrong for you. The aforementioned factors will help you determine whether you should go for debt consolidation or not.

How to Save on Automobile Insurance

There are a number of easy ways to save money on automobile insurance. Your current insurance carrier may have pointed out some of the discounts that could benefit you but in the end, it is up to you to be aware of your options and to ask what they have available and what you qualify for.

Insurance rates are based on a number of factors but the number of ways you can decrease your rates is also numerous. The programs are outlined below. Be aware that not all insurers offer these discounts or rebates and some states’ laws prohibit them from being applied. Everything is mentioned because of 2 main reasons – knowledge is power and it doesn’t hurt to ask the insurance provider.

Occupational Discount

Insurance companies pay attention to which occupations tend to mean less driving and less risk-taking as this translates into fewer accidents. If you’re in one of those professions, you could enjoy savings. Some of the qualifying occupations are police officers, firefighters, doctors, dentists, registered nurses, teachers, engineers, and scientists.



If you are a current or former member of the armed forces or are a college student taking part in a commissioning program such as ROTC, you might be eligible for certain savings. For insurers that cater specifically to the military, there are additional factors which may help to lower premiums such as your rank, whether or not your vehicle is parked in a base garage and if your automobile is stored during deployment or while otherwise away from home.

Additionally, some employee car insurance discounts stem from the business relationships your insurer maintains with other companies. Being an employee of one of these companies could translate into savings for you.

Generally, it’s a good idea to check with all the organizations to which you belong and find out what discounts (if any) they have arranged and with what companies.

Credit Score

Checked your credit score lately? The vast majority of insurance companies take credit scores into account these days, and a high one could help cut your auto premiums by as much as half, The specific scores which trigger discounts are a closely kept secret but industry sources say that someone with a score above 700 will be more eligible for lower premiums than someone with a score in the 500s.


Insurance carriers sometimes offer discounts because of their sponsorship relationships. The relationship could be with a sorority or fraternity, a trade association or a university, to name a few. Whether you are a student or alumni you may be eligible for a discount.

Going Green

It is a common practice these days for companies to offer the option to go green by opting to reduce paper statements. What may not be commonly known is that your insurer may reward you with a rebate for choosing this option.


Most people know that reducing the number of miles you drive on an annual basis will result in savings on your insurance bill. Some companies, also offer discounts of up to 10 percent if you go green by driving a fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle. It’s not that the hybrid cars are safer, insurance experts say; it’s that the people who go out of their way to buy and drive them are seen as a better risk.

Safety and Protection

You may already know that safety features such as airbags or anti-lock brakes can reduce your premiums. But you might not realize you can save money on the comprehensive portion of your insurance by installing anti-theft measures including car alarms; fuel or ignition cutoff switches; stolen car tracking systems such as LoJack; and VIN etchings, or engravings of your vehicle identification number on your windshield and windows.

Taking defensive driving courses is another way to get a discount on your auto insurance rates. It can represent as much as ten percent off on your premium. Not only that, You may not only end up learning some important defensive driving techniques to keep you and your passengers safe, but you may also end up saving yourself some money.

The Good Driver Discount is a well-known benefit available to those who have no moving violations. The discount may also take into consideration where you live and where you park. Savings could be as much as 20% if you qualify.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead when it’s time to renew your policy can put money in your pocket. Some insurance companies, give discounts of 5-10% if you switch to them before your next premium is due. To take advantage of these early shop-around savings, you should start looking at least two weeks before your current auto policy is up. However, before jumping ask your current provider if they will match the competitor’s early switcher discount with a renewal discount. Chances are they will consent if you are a good customer with a good driving record in order to keep you.


Some car insurance providers reward loyalty. Nationwide gives customers who have been with the company at least five years a 15 percent discount, or 5 percent off if they have been with them for three years.

Good Grades

If you fit into the category your provider defines as qualifying for the “good student discount” you can save money on your car insurance. In fact, companies often provide discounts in excess of ten percent. This is based on the theory that good students are better drivers. Generally, he discount only applies to full time students. The qualifications vary but the discount generally applies to both high school and college students. Savings can be 10-25%.

Two’s Company

It may not make sense to you but premiums can drop when you get married, as insurance company statistics show that drivers who are coupled up tend to be safer than those who are footloose and fancy-free. Some insurers will even extend the discount to unmarried same -sex couples

Other unmarried couples might insure their vehicles together to receive a multicar discount, which almost all providers offer. Or, if the two of you own property together and have homeowners insurance, there’s usually a bundling discount to insure your car with the same company.

Whether you’re married or single, do some research before you renew an auto policy to make sure you’re getting all the discounts you can

Bundling Discount

If you buy multiple types of insurance from the same provider you can often save money. For example – if you get your life insurance, auto insurance and home-owners insurance from the same company they may give you discounts on each and every one of them. With most companies the more types of insurance you bundle, the more you save off the price of buying them all separately.

Payment Method Discount

A lot of insurance companies offer a discount if you set up some form of automated payment. Most of these discounts are cumulative so, if you’ve got a lot of them you might really be able to save.

Multiple Automobile Discount

Much like bundling, insuring more than one car will qualify you for a multiple car discount. The make, model and year of the vehicles, the number of vehicles and other factors are taken into consideration but the savings can be significant.

Saving Money with Pay as You Drive Insurance

This new and increasingly popular type of insurance can be based on specific mileage amounts you and the insurer agree to, the time you spend in your automobile, verified odometer readings or installed technology, such as a GPS.

Although considerable savings can be realized with this type of insurance it is important to remain within the mileage constrictions agreed to with the insurance company. Violations can be costly.


There are many possibilities for saving money with automobile insurance. Your insurance representative may point some out to you but in the end it will be up to you to do your research and ask the questions.

Three Tips To Staying Healthy On Vacation

Vacation is a time for fun and it’s a time in which you get to be carefree. However, the more carefree with some things you are the more you might have to work harder when you get back home. Vacation from work, or home, shouldn’t also be a vacation from being healthy.

While splurging on a huge dessert at a favorite vacation restaurant can be fun, you don’t want to do it every night of vacation. Just like it can be fun to lay out in the sun and get a vacation tan, but you also don’t want to risk skin cancer, so you were sunblock.

To make sure that your vacation doesn’t defeat all of the work you’ve done to live a healthy life, here are a few things to keep in mind while you are enjoying life away from home and work.



Don’t Take A Vacation From Healthy Eating

If you take pride in your body and eat healthy foods on a normal day, then don’t ruin all of that great work by pigging on your vacation. It’s fine to enjoy your time off and have a drink or two. You don’t want to miss out on the snacks and the grilled goods. However, you also want to do it in moderation.

Select the better choices, healthwise, that are on the menu and remember your portions. Restaurants have a tendency to serve crazy large portions, so maybe split your meals with someone on vacation with you. Not only will your eating be healthier, but you can also save money that way.

Vacation Exercise Is Great

If you are on a workout plan or you are a fitness buff, you don’t want to miss out on your workouts while you are on vacation. Think of the time in you’ll miss. There are great ways to cram fitness into vacation, and even make it fun.

Sure, you can research where the fitness clubs are in the area you’ll be visiting, but why not make fitness part of your vacation schedule. Hike for fitness, and to enjoy the area you are visiting. Schedule in some pool time too!

Your Body Still Needs Water

The healthiest thing you don’t want to forget while you are on vacation is to stay hydrated. Having a drink or two is part of vacation fun and relaxation, but since your body is mostly made up of water you need to make sure you replenish the water you lose.

When you eat out, order water. Before bed, drink some water. And make sure you have water in the morning as well.

The most important thing is to make sure that you are having fun and relieving stress while you have a healthy vacation!