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SEO Miniseries – Rich Website, Poor Website – A Website Visibility Battle of Epic Proportions

Granted, this text appears a bit melodramatic. You younger folks might also have overlooked out on the conventional mid-70’s 12 part collection “Rich Man, Poor Man” that chronicled the extensively exclusive paths the 2 Jordache brothers took in existence. This rather acclaimed “miniseries” included the tumultuous relationship between the brothers as well as their opposition for the affections in their dad and mom and the stunning Julie Prescott (played by Susan Blakely).

Rudy (played by using Peter Strauss), the popular son, is industrious and formidable – he methodically achieves amazing business success and in the end receives the female. Tom (performed through Nick Nolte), the renegade, refuses to play by using the guidelines and tragically battles his inner demons with his fists.

Described by using tv.Com as “an epic tv event of historic proportions”, it’s miles said to have stimulated a 15-year span of dramatic (albeit tacky) TV miniseries. [1] All the principal networks followed suit with their very own miniseries productions such as “The Pirates” and “Roots”.

OK, it is a stretch however right here is wherein I try to join this text and web site design to a ’70s made-for-TV drama. and WITHOUTseo.Com (the “Poor Website”). Check them out – the 2 web sites look similar however vary dramatically in methods in an effort to be described later in this newsletter.

If this drama had been to be played out in trendy Internet battleground, I accept as true with that the disciplined and focused Rudy Jordache might have designed and maintained his website, WITHseo.Com, thinking of its usability and relevance in order to ensure that his services and products had been visible to the net community. No doubt his “bad boy” brother could work out bad judgment and absence the attention to detail and endurance had to provide his website, WITHOUTseo.Com, a fighting hazard. Perhaps we would study of his ties to the Internet underworld of “spammers” whose short-time period, overly-competitive techniques may even get his website banned from the engines like google.

I designed this situation examine, Rich Website, Poor Website to demonstrate and check the net web page optimization techniques that many Internet advertising and marketing and search engine optimization professionals use. These strategies take into account tips made through important search engines like google and yahoo and in the standard are designed to each enhance a tourist’s online experience and decorate website visibility.SEO

Note that this observation is by no means meant to be a managed scientific experiment. There are absolutely too many elements affecting internet website visibility which are beyond my control! I do wish you find the contrasting techniques hired by way of those websites exciting and academic, and I wish that WITHseo.Com outperforms WITHOUTseo.Com or the network could cancel the miniseries before Part 2 even airs!

Project Description The WITHseo.Com website online along side its companion website online WITHoutseo.Com are designed to illustrate strategies that EBIZ Machine and different Internet advertising experts use to enhance internet web site visibility. Both sites had been designed in Macromedia Dreamweaver using the same templates and styles. Both websites have been launched on the equal time (May 1st, 2007) and each is hosted on the same internet server by EBIZ Machine.

The seo suggestions defined beneath have been used within the design and improvement of Rudy’s Rich Website, WITHseo.Com. In the evaluation, Tom’s internet site, WITHOUTseo.Com, become truly evolved, deployed and disregarded. Moreover, WITHOUTseo.Com actually employs more than one improvement techniques thought to obstruct internet site usability and indexing by way of a few search engines like google and yahoo.

I’ll expect that, at his center, Tom meant well no matter his many lapses in judgment. After all, several of the awful men he beat up deserved it. Hence, no spamming, “spamdexing” or animal cruelty strategies had been utilized that would potentially penalize WITHOUTseo.Com, Tom, or this writer’s popularity.

Project Premise The net page optimization implemented to WITHseo.Com must result in higher search engine overall performance. In other phrases, I anticipate the Rich Website to outperform the Poor Website. Next, I get extra precise about the criteria I’ll rely on to assess their respective performances.

Success Criteria In order to contrast the “overall performance” of our competing websites, the subsequent metrics may be tracked and analyzed:

Indexed Pages – I’ll evaluate the variety of web pages which might be indexed within the Google seek engine and Yahoo! Directory.
Google PageRank – I’ll compare the “PageRank” of each website.
Web Page Analytics – I’ll compare key web site information inclusive of web page views and website visitors
Inbound Links – I’ll examine inbound hyperlinks as a hallmark of internet site reputation
Part 2 of this Internet miniseries will analyze actual results as soon as the strategies mentioned under have had time to germinate. Project Constraints / Disclaimers As noted in advance, this have a look at is designed for demonstration and discussion purposes – it is not a systematic take a look at. Moreover, this isn’t an attempt to highlight tricks or techniques designed to fool the search engines like google. Although this web site and examine are designed to be informational and academic, it isn’t clear if and how the experimental nature of these web sites will affect their seek engine indexing. Rich Website – search engine marketing Techniques Used for WITHseo.Com As described underneath, some of the fashionable search engine optimization strategies had been used to improve the usability and visibility of the WITHseo.Com home page. I expect that Rudy would visit official Internet advertising and marketing specialists and appoint strategies advocated and accredited through serps.
A. Techniques Used: Keyword Research In my recent article “Web Page Keywords – Do’s and Don’t” which you may overview or download at http://www.Ebizmachine.Com/seotips.Html, I discuss the way to discover keyword phrases which are related to your business and that your capability clients in reality use in Google, Yahoo! Or other Internet serps and directories.

Attempting to “exercise what I hold forth”, the subsequent gear and ideas have been considered within the direction of developing the key phrases decided on for WITHseo.Com:

Overture Keyword Selector Tool – stock.Overture.Com/d/searchinventory/inspiration/
The Google Suggest key-word selection tool – google.Com/webhp?Whole=1&hl=en
Note, however, that keyword popularity on my own isn’t always enough! I scrubbed my listing of terms carefully to make sure every phrase is BOTH famous and relevant to the internet site desires. I need terms that generate a reasonable extent of certified leads.
Using these tools to generate opportunity key phrases and verify the popularity of those phrases, I created a short listing of phrases that were regular with the theme and objectives of the website. I concluded that “Search Engine Optimization Tips” and “search engine marketing Tips” have been each applicable and popular Internet searches which are consistent with the method in the back of the WITHseo.Com web site.
B. Techniques Used: Keyword Placement There is some of the endorsed places where keywords should appear. The WITHseo.Com key phrases have been integrated into those places:Website

Title Tag in Anchor Tags
Meta Keyword Tags
Heading Tag Content (i.E H1, H2)
Body Text
The report title for the WITHseo.Com domestic page is “Search Engine Optimization Tips – WITHseo.Com search engine marketing Case Study Description” (bold introduced for emphasis). Note that our focused key word “Search Engine Optimization Tips” is a part of the web page name. Although you cannot see it, the WITHseo.Com home page has the following keywords Meta tag embedded in the home web page source code:
meta name=” key phrases” content=” search engine optimization hints, seo tips, seo, seo, web web site optimization, Denver, Colorado, biz, biz device, case examine, seo take a look at, seo case take a look at”
Again, the bold textual content (bold introduced for emphasis) is the important thing phrase for which the house web page is optimized. Our key phrase occurs inside the frame textual content, but not at an excessive frequency. I shoot for an inclusion of our keywords inside the net web page content material in a seen but modest manner. The sentence “WITH search engine marketing is a Search Engine Optimization Tips Web Site Brought to you through Web Design & Internet Consultant EBIZ Machine” is the first sentence listed by way of Google. Again, our key phrase seems there. Last I checked, the keyword density for “seo hints” became just under 2% of the phrases that appear on the house web page. The home web page incorporates two headings:
Header 1: Search Engine Optimization Tips – SEO Techniques (formidable delivered for emphasis)
Header 2: Denver Colorado internet layout and Internet consulting organization EBIZ Machine has designed a case observe to teach organizations about strategies used to improve the usability and relevance of their websites and make sure that their products and services are visible to the net network.
As an instance of a text link that references the important thing word, the home page contains the following hyperlink: “We will do our fine to frequently publish effects of this seo recommendations case study. Click right here to view the outcomes drawn from this situation observe so far.” (ambitious brought for emphasis) Note that while you click on this link, you have directed to the take a look at results web page. Again, our key word is embedded in both the main heading and the textual content of the hyperlink. C. Techniques Used: Link Building The goal at the back of hyperlink constructing is to develop “inbound” hyperlinks for your net pages that allow you to pressure visitors for your website online and enhance you seek engine ranking. This subject matter became the problem of a previous article “SEO Link Building – Who, What, When, Where, Why (and How)” which you could view or download at http://www.Ebizmachine.Com/search-engine-optimization-link-constructing.Html. I point out in this article that links from “authoritative” web sites and “related” enterprise web sites bring the most weight. I intend to utilize the tools and techniques mentioned there to build high fine online references to the WITHseo.Com website and study. It’s clear that link building is a very time-consuming system. Our goal is to feature some relevant links occasionally so that it will be consistent with the natural increase. I’ll search for online publishing possibilities and applicable newsletters willing to proportion the premise and results of this look at.
D. Techniques Used: Sitemaps Both Google [2] and Yahoo [3] provide a technique through which you could provide data approximately the internet pages that make up your website online AND expedite the indexing technique. Here’s a handy device you can use to create a Google sitemap: sitemapspal.Com. In the case of WITHseo.Com, I even have accompanied the recommended validation and sitemap submission steps described within the Google and Yahoo articles referenced in the footnotes.

E. Techniques Used: Development Technologies Although frequently debated, it appears that the usage of certain improvement technology may additionally obstruct proper indexing of website pages. Examples stated to consist of HTML frames, Macromedia Flash animation, complex internal links, and JavaScript. To the quantity possible, I avoid the usage of this technology inside the WITHseo.Com development.

WITHseo.Com is a “static” HTML website – no Flash, frames, or database get admission to are used. JavaScript is saved to a minimum and internal web page hyperlinks used to navigate the WITHseo.Com pages encompass easy listing paths.

Poor Website – SEO Techniques Used for WITHOUTseo.Com I assume that Tom would display hostility in the direction of the search engine optimization techniques his brother used. The plan for the Poor Website is to work out negative judgment in its layout after which ignore it. It’s “Meta Tags”, which includes keywords and page descriptions, are left undefined. No attempt has been made to optimize the WITHOUTseo.Com net web page content material or embed key phrases in site links and URLs. Going ahead, no attempt can be made to refresh, update or decorate the web site. I suppose Tom Jordache might be proud! I wish that this is not the way you developed your website!

In addition, the WITHOUTseo.Com web page has been designed the use of improvement techniques thought to hinder internet site usability and its achievement in search engine performance. For instance, WITHOUTseo.Com utilizes JavaScript navigation. Text links that were deliberately introduced to WITHseo.Com aren’t a part of the WITHOUTseo.Com pages.

In the web design international, HTML “frames” are every now and then used on web pages to show multiple or long HTML files inside the identical browser window. Because frames are thought to hinder indexing in a few search engines, they may be applied for WITHOUTseo.Com.Proportions

Conclusion It’s been a long term, however, as I keep in mind, inside the “Rich Man, Poor Man” TV miniseries each brother suffered first-rate non-public tragedy and TV viewers lost many hours of productive time glued to the set. However, from a commercial and monetary point of view, I believe it’s secure to mention that Rudy was simply greater of a commercial fulfillment than his misfit brother Tom.

In this “Website Visibility Battle of Epic Proportions”, only time will inform if the Rich Website WITHseo.Com triumphs over its sibling site WITHOUTseo.Com. As defined above, I actually have taken a number of steps to “stack the deck” in Rudy’s WITHseo.Com favor.

My plan is to submit and speak the outcomes of this look at after sufficient time has passed to allow those techniques to run their course. I’ll call it Part 2 of the Rich Website, Poor Website miniseries. At that equal time, I’ll consciousness extra on techniques and metrics used to judge the success or failure of a seek engine marketing software. So, stay tuned!

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