How to Determine If It Is Time to Refurbish to LED Lights

Lighting plays a significant role in enabling everyday life. So much so that we often forget how crucial it is across all walks of life. Be its manufacturing plants, business towers, hotels, streets, or parks; without lighting, it is impossible to live, let alone conduct business.

How to Determine If It Is Time to Refurbish to LED Lights 1

LED lights have become the lighting choice for all commercial applications and have been around for quite some time. When looking to refurbish LED lights, several questions will come up in anyone’s mind, including why they have to refurbish LED lights?

The questions mentioned below are some of the standard questions when someone is considering switching to LED lights.

Are Electricity Bills Increasing Month by Month?

For any business, operating costs play a significant role in the overall cost. If a company is getting higher electricity bills, it might be the time to look at refurbishing to LED lights. Irrespective of the nature of the business, switching to LED lights can significantly reduce operating costs.

Yes, LED lights are more expensive than conventional lighting solutions, but they also need to be replaced less frequently. They last longer than any other lighting solution, are highly energy-efficient and safe for the environment. LED lights also break-even in a few years and compensate for the premium one has paid for them. Various calculators like the Payback Calculator by Wipro Lighting can determine the break-even period of LED lights. Any business that follows green practices or wants to be environmentally friendly must consider switching to LED lights.

Does the Workspace Require a Renovation?

If it has been a while since the workspace was upgraded, maybe it is time to look at options for a complete renovation. An old and unattractive place is uninspiring and lacks the energy required for carrying out essential tasks.

Start by refurbishing to LED lights. Not only they are energy-efficient and offer huge savings on the monthly power bill, but they are also aesthetically pleasing and improve the décor of any place. Even when renovating a manufacturing plant, there are plenty of LED lighting options to choose from that are not only aesthetic but work as advertised. Over the years, LED lights have evolved, and LED lighting manufacturers to bring in contemporary design options for all purposes.

Are the Employees Demotivated or Less Productive?

Lighting has a substantial effect on our mood and how we behave. Low lighting conditions in the workplace can lead to disinterested employees. This affects the productivity of the office, but it can also lead to more errors. A welcoming environment with abundant lighting is good for productivity and can uplift the mood of the employees. If the employees are demotivated or are not performing up to the mark, consider refurbishing to LED lights. They have a better color reproduction, are available across various color temperatures, and do not flicker like conventional lighting solutions. So, choosing LED lights at a color temperature that suits the business needs will improve workplace productivity.

Does the Office Require Automated Lighting?

LED lights are IoT (Internet of Things) ready and can be integrated with a network. IoT is an ecosystem of connected physical devices that are accessible through the web. LED lights, when connected to such a network, can be monitored remotely by a facility manager. Furthermore, LED lights can also use lighting control systems such as microwave sensors and occupancy sensors that can detect the absence and presence of people to turn off or turn on the lights, respectively. Fast-paced modern workspaces where most of the processes are automated must switch to lighting solutions that support futuristic office space vision.

Does the Workplace Require to be Future-Proof?

LEDs are based on semiconductor technology, which enables a host of use-cases. Many technologies are currently in research that will allow the use of LED lights in ways previously unthought. Li-Fi is one such promising technology that uses LED lights to transfer data in any given space. It is not only incredibly faster than Wi-Fi but also secure and bear a significantly lower cost. LED lights play a significant role in supporting various smart city applications as well.

The above mentioned five questions will answer anyone’s concern regarding refurbishing LED lights. Even if two out of five of these questions tick anyone’s requirement, it is time to consider LED lighting in the workplace seriously. LED light manufacturers like Wipro Lighting offer an extensive range of smart and connected lighting solutions for all commercial applications.

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