Top 10 Profitable WordPress Plugins

I’ve noticed many people are interested in installing many plugins but don’t make it profitable on their blogs. You can have over 50 plugins that all work and make noise, but none of them are any good to make your blog stand out. (My term of profit also refers to helping you market your blog and create a brand). Since most plugins are free, finding them online and installing them with WordPress 2.71 is straightforward. Furthermore, I’ve provided a link to the download page for each plugin. I hope this list will help others, and it’s in alphabetical order, enjoy!


Add Post Footer

The Add Post Footer is instrumental in helping you cross-sell products, a free eBook to encourage readers to subscribe, or other top articles related to your post. It allows you to enter HTML code into the footer of every post you write and is very simple to use.

All-in-One SEO Pack

As you can see from the plugin’s name, it’s an all-in-one SEO pack that assists each post in your blog to be “search engine optimized.” You can either leave your header, meta tags, and description of your seat just the way they are when you publish, or you can fine-tune them to be more specific to the keywords you want to use for search engines. Sometimes, I tried to add keywords and change my post’s description instead of having the default WordPress summarized description. A must-have plugin for serious Internet marketers!


  • [your message]
  • [post title]
  • [short url]
  • [your message]
  • [post title]

Bird Feeder

If you’re on Twitter and want to save time twitting – the Bird Feeder plugin will automatically feed your most recent posts in the format of [your message] [post title] [short url] to Twitter. It’s great because you won’t have to double up by copying and pasting your posts back into Twitter or be on Twitter 24/7 (if you’re not already).

FeedBurner FeedSmith

This little gem, the FeedBurner FeedSmith, takes your blog’s feed and redirects it to Feedburner. It’s better branding for your site, and you won’t have FeedBurner’s domain name showing when a reader clicks on your RSS feed button, e.g., feeds2.feedburner.com/internetbusinesspath becomes internetbusinesspath.com/feed. For more detailed instructions.

Google XML Sitemaps

If you want to be found on Google, then the Google XML Sitemaps plugin is required for your blog. This plugin creates a compliant XML sitemap for the Google bots to crawl your site, and it will help your blog achieve higher rankings if you want to be found on their search engine. Once you’ve installed this plugin, don’t forget to hop onto Google Webmaster Tools to let them know you’ve got a sitemap for them to crawl. Otherwise, Google won’t know.

Max Banner Ads

Monetizing and profiting from your blog couldn’t be any easier. If you have advertisers and want a very streamlined and easy way to insert their ads into your blog, then Max Banner Ads is the plugin for you. I use this on my blog, saving me a lot of time. It’s easy to use and can be very profitable for your blog.

RSS Feed Signature

The RSS Feed Signature is another great plugin for your RSS Feeds. It simply adds a customized signature to any RSS Feed to your subscribers. If you want to increase your subscribers, I suggest installing this plugin and adding a “free eBook offer” to your RSS signature. If you subscribe to my RSS Feed, you’ll see the link at the bottom of each feed to take you to the free eBook offer. You can read more about downloading your free eBook from the RSS feed.

Top Commentators Widget

This plugin allows your blog to display a user who has posted the most comments. The Top Commentators Widget shows other readers your highest commentator and will encourage people to find out who they are by clicking on their name. Also, the highest commentators’ websites will be linked automatically to your blog and can increase your search engine rankings. Therefore, getting you more traffic and more comments all at the same time.

What Would Seth Godin Do

Most people would know Seth Godin as his name is associated with Internet Marketing Guru. The What Would Seth Godin Do plugin displays a welcome message on your blog for the first time and returning users. It may ask them to subscribe if they’re first-time users or thank them for coming. It’s a great tool to create the “experience” for a user coming to your blog.

WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping cart

If you’re like me, who offers to advertise on my blog and needs a simple way for advertisers to pay you, the WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart is an easy plugin to install and use. It allows anyone to pay you using PayPal, a union of people worldwide and can save you time having to respond to an advertiser’s email with your bank account details. The plugin has functions to let you add an “Add to cart” button and create a shopping cart module when the advertiser or user decides to pay you. It will then redirect them to the PayPal website to pay. Very simple to use!

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