Complete Guide To Traditional Indian Bridal Look

Weddings are often one of the most important days in a woman’s life. It’s one of those days where she finally ties back and connects with her roots. However, in today’s day and age of modernity and Westernization, it’s quite easy for your traditions to get lost in the madness of wedding planning.

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Therefore, here we are, presenting 15 tips and tricks to maintain your traditional looks from different regions!

1. Bold Bengali eyes:

In wedding makeup, the eyes play an essential part. The eye makeup for each region differs. For example, Bengali bridal makeup’s eyes are dark and strong with heavy eyeliner and kajal, and a white pattern is drawn onto their foreheads, adding a traditional touch.

2. Soft Gujarati eyes:

On the other hand, Gujarati bridal makeup is much softer than Bengalis’ as it focuses on the attire more than just the makeup. The eye makeup is smooth and shimmery, complementing the bride’s skin tone, undertones, and undertones and her lehenga.

3. Maharashtrian face adornment:

An essential part of Maharashtrian bridal makeup is the half-moon bindi, typical to Maharashtrians. One also notices the regular use of gold nose rings and the white headwear worn across the bride’s forehead.

Maharashtrian eyes:

As far as the eyes are concerned, Maharashtrian bridal makeup is very similar to Gujarati eye makeup: it is shiny and soft instead of smoky and dark. Although heavy eyeliner and kajal are applied, colors like gold, bronze, and glitter rose are used instead of dark browns and black in Marathi bridal makeup.


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Glowy cheeks:

Glowy cheeks have replaced the days of artificial rosy cheeks. This makeup technique is common amongst all regions and can be acquired using shiny cream-colored blush, which can be applied on a layer of Olay’s Anti-Aging Foundation Cream. Make sure the blush blends in well!


Lipstick of shades of red is another widely acquired makeup statement. Almost every bridal makeup style ensures the lips are highlighted through dark, gorgeous colors. And remember! Lots of pictures are going to be taken! Emphasize your lips by outlining away from their outline and filling it in entirely with paint. This will make your lips seem larger and fuller!


Since a lot of makeup is used during weddings, it’s essential to make sure all of it blends in perfectly! This is why picking the perfect brushes is necessary: the round-tipped, fat brushes. These ensure that all the makeup blends in well and that there are no patches.


This technique has recently become a widely acclaimed bridal makeup technique, as it perfectly accentuates every type of makeup. One major tip regarding contouring is picking the right highlighter and bronzer shade. Your skin tone and undertones must be kept in mind while you choose your shadows, for those with lighter skin tones, pale pink and beige are ideal. However, bronze and dark brown are preferable for those with darker skin tones. Of course, the best test is to try the highlighter before the wedding to see if it suits you.


While contouring is great for the actual wedding and the bold and heavy look it implies, strobing, which uses just highlighter, is a lighter, more radiant look, perfect for reception time. Even Bengali bridal makeup for the reception is soft, unlike the wedding makeup.

Reception jewelry:

After the heavy and traditional look during the wedding, it’s nice to add a touch of modernity during the reception, which can be done by putting on an elegant pair of jhumkas or a similarly delicate maang tika to hold the look and makeup together!

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