Skin Care Ingredients You Need to Avoid

You can see skincare products everywhere these days. They promise different benefits to your skin. For most people, anti-aging is the essential skin care product to look for since everyone wants to stay young and fresh.

Unfortunately, in our effort to stay young, it is easy to fall for products with many harsh chemicals offering temporary solutions to skin problems but have adverse effects in the long run. The presence of some substances might have immediate effects and could damage your skin.

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It is common to find parabens in facial cleansers, body wash, and body lotion. It helps in extending the shelf-life of skin care products. The problem is that it mimics the estrogen in the body, which disrupts the hormonal balance. Parabens also have links to breast cancer and other fertility problems, according to research carried out.


It is a group of chemicals that help in softening cosmetics to make them flexible. It also helps make sure that the cosmetics adhere to the skin. You can find them mostly on lotions, fragrances, and hairspray. The problem is that they could have adverse effects on kids. They can even affect pregnancy by causing congenital disabilities.

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)

You can find it in body wash and bubble bath. Although it helps make the product look effective, the truth is that it might trigger skin allergies and other forms of skin irritations.


It is one of the most common ingredients you can find in skincare products. Moisturizers and anti-aging skincare products usually contain retinol. Despite its seemingly positive effect, it also has some downsides. It could speed up tumor growth on the skin. It is also not advisable for pregnant women to use any skincare products which contain this chemical.


It seems weird to hear this chemical on skincare products since they are only for preserving dead animals. Sadly, some companies still use this substance in skincare products, especially in cosmetics and body washes. It is just for protecting dead organisms. The impact it can have on human beings could be devastating. It is a known carcinogen or cancer-causing substance. It can also cause asthma and toxicity.

Stick with natural options

facial serum if you want to look young. You don’t need to suffer from these chemicals’ impacts when natural alternatives also have the same positive effects. They might even have better and longer-lasting results than commercial products.

There is nothing wrong with your quest to look young for as long as it does not damage your skin. Be careful of any product you put on your skin. Please read the labels carefully to make sure that they contain only the right ingredients. If in doubt, check the impact of the said ingredients, and let go of it if it has negative effects.


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