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5 Reasons Why A Helpline Care Alarm Can Help With Elderly Independence

If you have an elderly relative or friend who needs regular care or support, they might find adapting to their new routine difficult. The sense of reliance on others can be stressful for them, and finding the right care option that suits them can be difficult. So, a Helpline care alarm for older people can be the ideal choice.

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If you’re at a stage where you’re thinking about ongoing care for any elderly parents, friends, or relatives, you might find some initial resistance from them. But, if you and your family aren’t in a position to be able to provide the care they need, looking into care options might be the next step.

Occasionally, this means moving into sheltered accommodation or a residential care home. But it’s usual for older people to want to stay in their homes where they feel comfortable and safe. Maintaining their independence can be a key factor in their decision despite the risks involved, such as falls or accidents. But a Helpline fall alarm is the perfect way to give them the independence they want while giving you the peace of mind you need – and here are five reasons why.

1). Independent living

If your elderly relative lives alone, the need to continue with the independence they’ve grown used to can be difficult to move on from. Using a Helpline personal care alarm lets them carry on living alone, having the freedom to live their lives as they choose in the comfort of their own home.

If the worst does happen and a slip or fall, or any accident, does occur, you and they can be safe knowing that help, care, and support are only a push of a button away. With Helpline offers a 24/7 service; whenever an alarm is raised, a carer or family member, even the emergency services, are alerted immediately.

2). Lightweight tech

The design of personal alarms has come on leaps and bounds over recent years. Thankfully, gone are the days of cumbersome technology that never looked very subtle at the best times. Nowadays, fall alarms are much more slick, sleek, and chic, and the Helpline care alarm range is available in two modern and contemporary styles.

The lightweight and easy-to-use Helpline personal alarms come as pendants or wrist strap buttons, and both are designed to be worn as permanent accessories with maximum comfort. The Mamie pendant and wristband look like a designer jewelry piece, while the Onyx pendant and wristband option have more of a stylish sports finish. And while both are unobtrusive, they allow users to get on with their lives as normal.

3). Fully waterproof

While falls and slips are more common in older people, statistics show that many occur in the bath or shower. And it’s a sobering thought if your elderly parent or relative is living alone that if this happens, they may not be able to get any help or support when they need it most.

All Helpline personal fall alarms are fully waterproof and designed to allow users to continue their daily activities. And that includes wearing them while in the shower or bath, or even when washing up, without fear of any water damage or function failure. If the worst does happen, the Helpline team will be a push of the button away.

4). Long-range and battery life

Many frequently used electronics tend to sap battery power quickly, and it’s annoying when it happens in everyday things like remote controls, torches, or radios. That’s why the Helpline range of personal alarms has been designed, so each battery has an average life span of 7 years. While this will give you and the user relief and emotional assurance, the Helpline also replaces batteries as part of your free service visits.

As we’ve seen, most slips or falls happen in the bath or shower, but they can happen anywhere – indoors or out. It’s commonly thought that most personal alarms will only work inside the house when the base unit is nearby. This may be true for some, but all Helpline elderly fall alarms have a range of up to 165 ft (50 meters), allowing the wearer to move freely upstairs, downstairs, and outdoors – even to the end of the garden. Wherever your relative is in or around their home, the Helpline has them – and you – covered.

5). Easy setup

The helpline provides a 5-star service and makes your elderly relative the number one priority, giving them and you the necessary reassurances. When you’ve both had a chance to think about which style of personal alarm is best for them, all it takes is a quick visit from a member of the Helpline team to set everything up for you.

They’ll explain the setup during the visit, how it works, and store all the user details and emergency contact numbers directly into the Helpline system. That way, when the alarm is activated, the 24-hour response team knows exactly who’s calling and where from, as well as who to contact, whether it’s a carer, family member, or even an ambulance.

Helpline care alarms

Living alone in familiar surroundings can be exactly what an older adult needs, making them happier and more content while keeping their independence. However, it can be unpredictable, and risks are still involved with no one else in the house, especially if they have mobility issues.

But the Helpline personal alarm service can give your elderly loved ones the 24/7 protection they deserve while helping them live freely and without daily assistance and give you the peace of mind you need.

For more information on the Helpline personal alarm service or to arrange a visit from the Helpline team, visit Helpline or get in touch today at 03458 247999.

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