Can POS Technology Boost Your Wine Making Business?

Can POS Technology Boost Your Wine-Making Business?

Wine production is huge. There were 28,395,900 liters of wine produced in 2015, with Italy, France, Spain, the US, and Argentina as the top five producers by volume. We love wine. Nothing beats a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Grigio with a meal or with friends. Good wine lubricates social occasions and makes a tough week easier.


A recent study found that the wine industry contributes around $220 billion to the US economy. This is a good indication of how competitive the winemaking industry is. Vineyards work hard to produce award-winning wines and attract new customers to their brands. They do this in several ways.

Vineyard tours are nothing new. Wineries have opened their doors for decades. Visiting a winery is popular in many wine-producing parts of the world, i.e., Napa Valley, the Blue Mountains in Australia, and France’s Loire Region. Wine clubs and tasting rooms are a newer marketing strategy. With wine-tasting events becoming increasingly popular, POS technology is essential for modern wineries, especially smaller start-ups.

What is POS Technology?

Advanced Point of Sale technology is a system for accepting payments at the point of sale. POS is common in restaurants. It allows customers to pay for their food and drinks at the table rather than walking to a central cashier station. POS technology is also increasingly found in supermarkets through self-service checkouts. Start-ups and smaller businesses have embraced POS technology because it can track inventory while allowing them to make sales anywhere. Modern POS technology is cloud-based. It can be implemented anywhere there is an internet connection, which is invaluable for businesses that operate away from a traditional office or retail environment.

Streamline Your Business

POS products like the Lavu winery POS system help streamline a business’s operations and ensure operational success. The main advantage of a POS system is that it simplifies things. The system does it automatically instead of manually checking your inventory when you make a sale. So, if you are at a mobile tasting event and a customer loves your new Pinot Noir so much they decide to make a bulk order for their restaurant business, you don’t need to check you have enough product in stock – the system does this for you. The same applies if a customer wants a product you don’t have in stock – you can ship it from another site. A fulfilled order is a happy customer.

Time is money. The more time your staff wastes dealing with orders and making sales, the less time they spend chatting with customers and building long-lasting relationships.

Boost Customer Service

A winemaking business is all about customer service. If you don’t devote time to cultivating lasting customer relationships, it will be hard to build a happy clientele. Your staff can spend more time with customers, advising them on the right palette wine and encouraging them to experiment with new products. If you have regular customers, the system will record their buying preferences, so you know exactly what your customer wants when they place a new order.

Manage Inventory

Inventory is a key part of any winery business, but keeping inventory track when running a mail-order wine club can be challenging. Use POS technology to analyze your inventory and determine which products are the most popular. This will help you implement more effective production and marketing strategies for the future.

The right POS system can help you grow your winemaking business. Customers will always want great wine, but success is guaranteed if you can combine great wine with excellent customer service and a lean company.

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