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What Can An IOR Do For My Technology Business?

An Importer of Record is a third-party entity agreed upon between the buyer and seller of goods that acts a non-resident importer during the shipping process. They help streamline the supply chain by making sure customs compliance rules and regulations are accurately met. Technology, sometimes categorized as dual-use goods, is complex to ship because it is highly regulated and is frequently flagged and held up at the border. Companies with experienced logistical experts still face difficulties with new situations and changing rules, whereas an Importer of Record regularly ships to many destinations and stays abreast of changing laws and the required bureaucratic steps to ship smoothly. Customers get frustrated with delays and this can end up costing them – and cost you their continued business.

In many countries, importing goods requires a local tax paying entity to import. However, a non-resident importer can perform this role if the buyer is unwilling or unable to do this themselves. An Importer of Record can be the non-resident importer, completing complex import permits, licenses, and paying fees like duties or other indirect taxes. Experts and specialists in shipping technology like TecEx can provide IOR solutions and services in over 180 countries. They offer door-to-door service and can also arrange brokerage, clearance, and local delivery, and have many relationships along the entire supply chain. Customs clearance is guaranteed, every time. TecEx also provides full tax recovery services, in some instances retroactively, depending on the countries involved.

An IOR is responsible for:

  • Ensuring customs compliance and meeting the requirements of local regulations and laws
  • Paying import duties and taxes
  • Completing all relevant documents, like permits, licenses, and filing the bill of entry
  • Tracking and providing information, keeping records, and communicating to associated parties
  • Assuming all legal and practical risks related to importing goods

An IOR is needed for these scenarios:

  • Shipping equipment or devices to an entity that does not have local tax registration in the destination country
  • Shipping on DDP terms to buyers or customers lacking import permits where they operate
  • Shipping spare or warranty parts to an FSL warehouse (Forward Stocking Location)
  • Shipping goods to a foreign data centre

Carriers are not IORs. They are responsible for physically moving goods from one location to the next, plus they may provide brokerage or clearance services if there is an IOR in place, but they cannot perform the legal role of an IOR themselves. Your Importer of Record will be able to work with your preferred carrier, if you have one in place. A company like TecEx offers door-to-door service and can streamline the entire process, from prepping shipping documents to delivery at the local destination, making a separate carrier unnecessary.

An Importer of Record that specializes in shipping technology all over the globe is an invaluable partner that can help grow your business and access international clients that weren’t thought feasible before. They can free you and your business from the hassles associated with global shipping logistics, customs, and importing regulations with confidence and ease.

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