If you are at a point where your internet business has slowed down, and your sales just aren’t where they used to be or they are not where you had hoped they would be at this point in your business growth, then the answer may lie with internet marketing. Often a business doesn’t engage in internet marketing, and for those that do, it is usually a small effort. You need to take the time and develop a comprehensive plan for internet marketing. The following are a few ideas that you should include in your plan.

Increase your website’s visibility to search engines
There are many things you can do to make this happen. You need to make sure that your site is updated, so there are no broken links. Make sure that all of the keywords related to your product are used throughout your site, but do not use them unnecessarily. This will be seen as spam by search engines. You must make an effort to add new content to your site on a regular basis because search engines love websites that are updated regularly. Try to add images to your site as well as written content. Search engines love images as much as articles and blog posts.



Increase your website’s page ranking
Although your website will rank high for keywords that are unusual, more common words are likely to mean that your website will be buried several pages deep in search results. For more common keywords, it is your website’s numerical classification that is important. Each website is assigned a page ranking number, and the better the number the better your placement in search results. Ultimately, what creates a good page ranking is the number of quality backlinks there are to your website. This simply means the number of websites that have a link to your site. This type of link must be on websites external to yours. The best way to increase backlinks is with interesting and informative content that others will want to share on their websites.

Increase your internet advertising budget
You may not even have an advertising budget. If not, you need to start setting aside money for this purpose. If you already have advertising money, you should increase the amount your spending, or at least spend it better. One of the first areas to focus your money is with pay-per-click advertising on search engines. This is the single most powerful method to increase sales of your product using internet marketing. The problem is that you can lose money. Basically, this will happen if you spend more money than the profits you are generating with them, but this is true with traditional advertising as well. There is a learning curve to being a successful pay-per-click advertiser.

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