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6 Great High-Tech Mods Every Pickup Owner Should Consider, cat stacks give the truck a great sound while providing a distinctive back exhaust. These are actually performance enhancers if your truck is pulling sleds or you have a tractor-trailer. It would help if you were careful with the installation, though, because problems with the install or design could cause your vehicle to fail its emissions check. Done right, they improve your truck’s performance off-road and on the highway by improving the vehicle’s torque.

consider an investment since it protects your truck. They’re instrumental when you work out of your truck. They protect the tailgate from scratches, dings, rust, and chemicals. You can find tailgate protectors that offer no-slip tread since they’re made from high-tech diamond plate. In short, you won’t damage the tailgate loading cargo in and out of it. If a full tailgate protector is too much for you, consider a tailgate cap instead.


Heavy-Duty Hitch

Heavy-duty hitches let you safely haul the heavy loads. Add a heavy-duty hitch to your truck, and you know you can pull that boat, RV, or double-axle utility trailer. If you don’t want the heavy-duty hitch, a bed extender may be enough to take two or three mountain bikes in the back of your truck.


All these mods will not only improve the performance of your pick up but its resale value as well. So, you would be smart to consider them if any of these mods are within your budget.

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