New Trends in Healthcare Management In 2018

The healthcare industry has received a lot of scrutiny from the media and the general public in the past few years. The rising cost of health care has been a great concern to many, and interventions such as the Obama Healthcare Initiative have also not evaded the attention of many. It is understandable to have such chatter in the healthcare niche due to its importance in society. With the much that has happened and a lot that is still happening, one may be left wondering where next the industry will be headed. Here is a brief look at some of the trends in healthcare management which we can expect this and in the coming years-:

A shift towards cost-cutting


The past few years have seen a general move by most healthcare providers to adequately cut costs to take care of their clients’ health care needs. Many hospitals are looking for measures to reduce their operational costs by up to 20% within the next five years.

Additionally, it is expected that the amounts of co-management agreements between various providers will go up dramatically since it is out of such contracts that some providers can meet their costs. In as much as there will be jobs for those with Master’s Degrees in Healthcare Administration, those who will be lucky to find jobs will be the brightest among the pack.

Increase in demand for Healthcare IT management professionals


The use of technology and information management system is becoming deeply embedded in the health care system, and since it is not the specialization of the doctors to also get concerned with the IT management, the demand for healthcare IT management professionals has been on a very sharp rise in the past few years.

Technology is at the core of the industry. As it is being used to avail better treatment plans and improve efficiency within the facilities, those with relevant medical IT-related qualifications are now having a field day. The trend has seen most healthcare executive recruiting firms favoring applicants with healthcare IT management qualifications more than the other applicants who don’t have such skills. It is expected that this will go on for many years to come as IT in healthcare management continue to evolve and also increase in demand.

Dealing with drug shortages will be a priority.


With the increase in drug shortage, the apprehension about patient protection and care also goes very high, the consequences of which the healthcare industry is not ready to continue condoning. It is estimated that between 2012 and 2014, 99% of all the hospitals in the United States had a shortage of one or more drugs. Many hospitals still find themselves spending millions of dollars on last-minute replacement of medications, though most of them usually plan well in advance for such scenarios. Consequently, it is resolved by most hospitals to find a lasting solution to the drug shortage menace to avoid patient apprehension, as well as the millions of dollars spent on the eleventh-hour replacements.

The rise of Social Media in the healthcare industry


However reserved the healthcare industry has always been, they can no longer continue to ignore social media’s effects on their operations. Many healthcare facilities have now resorted to using social media to network and reach out to their current and potential clients. This is done by using various types of content such as videos, infographics, health guides, and slideshows designed to educate the general public on various health issues.

Additionally, healthcare facilities are also using social media to share news, upcoming events, and research findings with peers and the general population. It is also important to observe that the general population will always turn to social media to ask for recommendations or share their experiences in various healthcare facilities. As such, the healthcare industry has no choice but to keep its feet wet with social media, and this is a trend that is bound to continue for many more years to come as more facilities embrace social media.


Privacy is becoming more important.

Patient privacy is becoming a great concern to many health care providers and facilities. Breaches and violations have made patients more aware of healthcare privacy. They are keen to ensure that they won’t have to worry about their privacy before attending the facilities. Facilities known to breach privacy and security policies are seeing a decline in the number of their patients and overall growth, while the others that can give such assurance are continuing to get more clients.

Improvement of the healthcare processes

Healthcare processes in many facilities are witnessing a lot of improvement to streamline the service delivery to make them more efficient and effective. With the improved process, the facilities are not just hoping to serve better and more efficiently. Still, also they are hoping to cut back on various costs associated with facility operations and management. It is also a trend that will improve privacy concerns, compliance with federal and state laws, and ultimately increase their profits. In general, the facilities need to have seamless processes to adapt to the industry’s fluid nature and so that they may also remain competitive and relevant to their clients.

Changing leadership opportunities

Gone are the days when the qualification of healthcare managers was a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management. A lot is currently expected from the managers, and the healthcare executive recruiting firms are keen on finding a versatile candidate with skills that transverse the normal leadership skills. They are expected to have cross-functional abilities, which will allow them to understand the main functions within the healthcare facilities. They should also have the ability to bring others together to achieve the facility’s goals.

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