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SendPulse: an effective tool for promoting your brand

SendPulse is an integrated platform that offers various tools a company can use to communicate with their customers and users. It was recognized as one of the best startups in 2016 by The Next Web and became one of The Next Web SCALE 2016 program finalists.

So, if you want to promote your product or service more effectively and make this process easier, SendPulse will be the right choice.

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What exactly can you find in SendPulse?

There are several useful tools at SendPulse that will improve your sales and make communication with customers easy and convenient. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Email Service

Email is a fast and convenient way to contact your customers. According to the statistics, 86% of companies use emails as an effective communication channel. Through it, you can tell your customers about new products, make special offers, and collect feedback. SendPulse can help business owners to organize the process in a comfy way.

Apart from numerous ready-made templates to choose from, there is a user-friendly drag and drop editor where you can create unique templates to fit your brand style and color.

You can also segment emails based on your customer’s interests, gender, or location and carry out an A/B test to compare different variants of an email and choose the one that has shown the best results.

With Resend to Unopened feature, you can resend an email to those who haven’t opened the previous one.

You can send 15,000 emails per month for free if you have less than 2,500 subscribers. You can also choose a monthly subscription to select the number of emails and subscribers you need or a “pay as you go” plan if you don’t send many emails and want to pay only for those you actually send. If your mailing list contains more than a million subscribers, you can contact the Customer Care Team to learn about their special VIP plan.

prices for the desired countries.

notifications, which can be used as an instant instrument to communicate with your customers. Web push notifications are unlikely to be missed by them, and they do not require much time to be created and sent. Besides, they work both on desktop and mobile devices. By the way, you can also use personalized notifications segmented according to the subscribers’ location, gender, or other factors.
And you know what? Web push notifications are FREE!

SMTP Service

You can send out emails to your customers from your own online system using a dedicated IP address and SPF and DKIM records. This will increase your sender reputation and thus reduce the spam risk. Using the SMTP service, you can also discover the statistics about sent emails and download sending and delivery error reports. Moreover, your emails won’t be sent to those on a mailing list who have unsubscribed.

For the record, SendPulse provides its users with an opportunity to test this service by sending their first 12,000 emails for free. Then you can choose between a monthly subscription or a “pay as you go” plan.

email automation, which makes SendPulse a unique service.

This feature helps to create and send automated emails depending on your customers’ actions. For example, if a customer has added an item to a cart but hasn’t confirmed the purchase for some reason, you will be able to remind him or her about it. You can also send a welcoming or thank-you message after registration.

This system contains the following elements:

Email, web push notifications, and SMS

Email is a ground zero for every automation flow. It’s a good idea to reinforce it with push notifications or SMS if your customer hasn’t read the email.


Using this block, you will create automated series based on options relevant to your business. For example, you can send the series only to women or people who live in New York.


This element indicates the subscriber’s action that triggers the next autoresponder. For example, if your customer reads the email, they receive the next one with a special offer. Otherwise, your customer gets an SMS encouraging them to open the email and get a discount.


This block allows you to move, copy, and delete your subscribers. You can also change the variables for your contacts and send emails to your own address.


First of all, it is a conversion you want to track. It is also used to stop the automation flow once the desired conversion is reached.

SendPulse: an effective tool for promoting your brand 1

You will always be heard.

SendPulse has a great support team. If you have any problem, you can contact them using a feedback form, calling them by phone, or sending a message in the online chat. The support works 24/7, so you will get a response as soon as possible.

SendPulse: an effective tool for promoting your brand 2

The icing on the cake

SendPulse can help your company to open up new vistas. It has a Startup Accelerator Program offering a $5,000 grant that can be used for any SendPulse service (except for SMS). You can participate in the program if you have an innovative startup that has been in existence for less than three years. You can participate from any location, and your application will be considered within only three business days.

To sum up, SendPulse is a multifunctional marketing platform that makes the communication process fully automated. Combining intuitive interface, reasonable prices, and high-quality support is a perfect tool for promoting your brand and growing your audience.

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