Best Tactics to Become a Successful Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyers are responsible for performing different legal duties. They are competent for dealing with several criminal cases. These cases are handled in separate courts under different laws. Criminal law is a wide subject, and this field needs specially educated lawyers. While working in this profession, you can work as a private lawyer and start your private practice. You may get a chance to work as a public prosecutor and represent your state against criminals.

Criminal attorneys have to study and practice criminal law. During their education, they choose specialized subjects. Los Angeles Criminal Lawyers can make good money after completing their degree.

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Responsibilities and Duties of a Criminal Attorney

Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer is responsible for the following things:

  • They are capable of fighting cases on behalf of the state of criminals.
  • Lawyers have to find loopholes in cases to save their clients.
  • Attorneys have to file legal documents on behalf of the state or their client.
  • Only a criminal lawyer can explain the whole case to the family of an accused
  • In the first stage of their case, they have to try bail for their client; otherwise, the accused will remain in jail during his/her case.
  • The attorney gets sworn statements from witnesses or asks for their testimony in court.
  • They are responsible for the meeting of their client with the parole office.
  • A Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer is liable to convince the judge or jury about his client’s innocence by highlighting the loopholes in a case.

Tactics to Become a Successful Criminal Lawyer

A criminal lawyer specialized in defense of companies and individuals charged with illegal activities. They have to use different strategies to save their client. For a criminal lawyer, defendants are blameless unless prosecutors verify guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Here are some best tactics that a criminal defense lawyer can use while fighting a criminal case in court.

Factors to Design Best Strategies

These are some key factors that can help you to design the best defense strategy:

  • Witness testimony
  • Explanation of the defendant (what happened and reason)
  • Defendant and witness reputation and credibility
  • Physical evidence and provable facts
  • Investigation reports of police (check their reliability and errors)
  • Third-party or expert reports and their testimony
  • Charges of the penal code and the crime elements
  • Judicial precedent and case history of the judge
  • The strategy of a criminal prosecutor and previous history

Remember that every case is different, and the best lawyers have to consider all factors to develop a good theory and types of defenses. These elements can increase their success chances. A person spending life in prison with harsh penalties will need your assistance. You have to find loopholes in the evidence to win your case. If you want to increase your success chances, you can work on the following points.

Incorrect Identity

Incorrect identification of witnesses can be a source of wrong accusations. It may happen if a person’s description is similar to the perpetrator of a criminal or the witness assumes a person has committed a crime because of circumstances. They may try to cover a crime.


Several offenses in the penal code include thoughtful crimes in which a violator carried out a crime intentionally. A criminal lawyer can prove that this act was an accident with the help of substantial defense against charges.

Immediate or Duress Danger

Sometimes, a person commits a crime because he thinks that he was in instant danger. Their actions can’t be a crime because these were taken under duress. A criminal defense lawyer can take advantage of this situation.

Defendant Possesses Alibi

A defendant can escape several offenses if his/her criminal defense attorney can prove that he was elsewhere at the time of a crime. It will prove them innocent because they were not present to commit an alleged crime.

Police Misconduct

In some unfortunate incidents, the officials of law enforcement commit misbehavior during their investigations. Personnel of police may try to cover up the mistakes that they made during the initial investigation. They are convinced that their suspect is engaged in misconduct and guilty to make a case strong.

Misconduct of the police may take different forms, but a few common types are:

  • Improper handling, doctoring, or planting evidence.
  • Embellishing or lying facts in the court during testimony or in reports
  • Use of unnecessary force, such as pepper spray or Tasers on supportive subjects
  • Coercing suspects and witnesses

If a criminal defense attorney can identify police misconduct and prove it, they can increase leverage for dismissing a case and pursue a civil rights claim for damages.


It is common when a law-abiding resident commits a crime because of coercion or intimidation. The law enforcement is not near them, and they are forced to violate a law. It is common with several undercover police activities. A qualified defense lawyer raises entrapment for prostitution, drug offenses, and child pornography in court.

False or Compelled Confessions

In several cases, the police are famous for bully false admissions from innocent suspects. They use physical threats, sleep deprivation, starvation, and other mental strategies for false entries.

Adolescents are especially vulnerable to compulsion. If a defense lawyer’s trial strategies can prove to bully, then it is possible to make a case for twisting the actual statements. These statements will be excluded from actual evidence.

Possible Cause

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled a case in 1968. This Terry versus Ohio case ruled that an officer can stop a person without probable cause of arrest, but he has to point to particular articulable facts. These facts should justify the possible reason to stop, arrest and search a person. In the absence of probable cause, the defense has the right to file one motion to overpower wrongly obtained evidence.

False Accusation

False accusations are common in the world. A person can quickly get the wrong accusation for a crime he didn’t commit. For instance, allegations of domestic violence, sex crime, and child abuse are easy to make without physical evidence.

A qualified Los Angeles criminal lawyer can work to get a retraction for the accusation, provide evidence that this accusation is false, or challenge an accuser’s credibility.

Faults of a Fact

If alleged crimes were made under honest and reasonable flaws of facts, then the person can’t be guilty of criminal offenses. For instance, accidentally taking a person’s property can’t be a crime if you are ready to return this property.


The necessity of excuses can help you to avoid significant harm. An accused person could acquit of charges if he believed that he was in danger or can be harmed. It is a good alternative for criminal acts. The need to commit a crime should be attestable with evidence.

Crime in Self Defense

A person injuring another person or using his deadly force may have no responsibility to retreat. The rights of castle doctrine end if a person is not present on his/her actual property.

In general, you can use force against intruders because you are doing this for your safety. Keep in mind that there is legal protection. If you consider that you or another person can face imminent danger, you can use reasonable force to alleviate this threat.

Instinctive Intoxication

Some criminal statutes need specific intent for crimes. If a defendant was intoxicated at the time of a crime, he could get the advantage of this situation to avoid legal consequences. For instance, a person slips drugs in your drink to make you involuntarily intoxicated. You can claim involuntary intoxication if you are not voluntarily taking alcohol or drug.

Insanity Plea

In several cases, you can’t be guilty of a crime if you were insane while committing a crime. Keep in mind that an offense needs the willful intent of criminal elements. A criminal attorney can prove in court that his client didn’t understand the nature of a criminal act at the time of a crime. A test is required to prove the insanity defense.

Double Jeopardy

The constitution of the United States protects its citizens from prosecution for a similar crime twice. A lawyer can defend his client from facing numerous punishments for an offense. A suspect should not be tried more than once in the same court for similar crimes.

Decree of Limitations

The criminal statute of your state of limitations laws prohibits prosecutors from charging a person with certain crimes committed some years ago. The main objectives of these regulations are to certify that convictions depend only on old evidence. After the period of the statute, the accused will be free.

In California, murder (other crimes punishable by life imprisonment or death, misappropriation of public money) has no statute of limitation. The felonies are punishable for six years or even eight years. Some felonies are punishable by imprisonment of eight years have a statute of limitations of three years. This duration may vary in each country.

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