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The best campsites in the United States of America

Camping is considered one of the best ways of hanging out with family and friends. Camping can range from hiking up mountains or kayaking across breathtaking rivers and lakes. However, America has a diverse landscape and places that campers can go. Choosing the best campsites is thereby key to get the best out of your money and savings.

No matter where you reside, from the East to the West, north to south, you are always close to a unique and amazing campsite. takes you through a sip through of the best camping sites within the US.

The best campsites in the United States of America 1

Glacier National Park

Situated in Montana, Glacier National Park is one of the best campsites as it offers a wide variety of activities and things to do. The park has up to 750 lakes and streams flowing up to 3000 miles, where you can go fishing, canoeing, or even kayaking. The mountainous landscape also makes it possible for you to bike, hike, and nature walks around the park.

The park offers beautiful scenery where the blue sky seems to be stretching forever on the horizon. The place is suitable for visiting between May to September although it is open for the whole year.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The park is located along the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. It spans 800 miles with dazzling waterfalls, gorgeous woods as well as spectacular mountains. There are several cozy cabins that you can rent to enjoy this beautiful tourist-attracting site along the park. Hikers can set out for the park’s long trails situated deep into the wilderness of the park.

In May and early June, Synchronous fireflies often light up the park during the nights attracting very many tourists. To avoid crowds, late summer is, therefore, a suitable time to visit the park.

Denali National Park, Alaska

The park is home to the highest mountain peak in the USA. The scenery is favorable to campers who want to see the wildlife and the mountain. The park also has Lake Wonder, where campers can pitch tents and view the reflection of Denali peak in the river’s waters.

Although the park is open for visiting any time of the year, several people choose to visit during winter to enjoy skiing—dog mushing and snowshoeing.

Everglades National Park.

This park, situated in Southern Florida, is the best destination for camping and viewing the local wildlife. An outstanding feature about the park is its uniqueness compared with the wooded hills to the north or the West’s rocky terrain.

The park is home to toothy reptiles. Dolphins, the great blue herons, as well as the Florida panther an endangered species. Other fun felt activities include fishing, kayaking, and airboat tours.

Be sure to catch all these activities during winter.

Grand Canyon National Park

Last on the list is the Grand Canyon Park in Arizona, an iconic US iconic natural wonder. Lying on more than a million acres of land. The park is a popular destination in the US due to the amazing views and the thrilling whitewater flowing in the Colorado River. The park is open all around the year for touring.

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