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Factors to consider before looking for a warehouse for your business

Are you planning to lease a go-down or a warehouse to use as an office, storage, or manufacturing space? There are a few factors you need to consider to ensure you get the right space. Greenpoint must carry out enough research and plan appropriately before leasing a commercial property since a simple mistake can result in huge losses. Here are some essential factors you should consider before signing that warehouse lease.

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Depending on the use of the warehouse, you need to ensure that the building is easily accessible. For instance, if you need a storage or distribution center, you may need to use semi-trucks and trucks; therefore, you need to ensure enough space to park your trucks. You also need to confirm that you are allowed to bring and park overweight trucks inside the warehouse.

Zoning regulations

Other than storage and distribution, you may need a warehouse for manufacturing or holding concerts. You need to ensure that the state regulations allow you to hold such unconventional services to avoid penalization.


Just like renting any other commercial building, pricing is a major concern when leasing a warehouse. Some property managers tend to overcharge inexperienced and unknowledgeable tenants to make extra bucks. Other owners hike their prices by offering additional and unnecessary attachments to the fee. It would help if you considered checking out various go-downs to determine the one charging a fair price. Remember to avoid cheap warehouses since they might have hidden problems such as pests’ infestation and a high insecurity level.

Heating and ventilation

Whether you need to lease a warehouse for storage, distribution, manufacturing, or office space, you need to ensure that it is properly ventilated and installed with a heating and cooling system that will help to regulate room temperatures. The last thing you need is to have your workers suffocating from dust and heat or have your perishable goods damaged by excess heat. In case the warehouse is strategically located but does not have HAVC systems, you can make arrangements with the owner where you can bear the cost of installing them and offset the lease fee.

Usable space

Huge space is probably one of the reasons companies and individuals lease a warehouse. You should ensure that space can accommodate your storage needs and also enough to ease trucks and semi-trucks maneuverability. In case you need a warehouse to use as a co-working space, you to ensure that space is enough to accommodate all the partners.

Operating and maintenance expenses

Before you sign a commercial lease, you need to determine who will be taking care o maintenances. If this is not made clear, you may face inconveniences in the long-run. You can arrange where the owner will take care of major maintenance, and the tenant will take care of minor operating expenses.


It is usually wise to choose a warehouse near transport facilities such as highways, railways, or airports if you are involved in storage and distribution services. Also, ensure that the warehouse has a good power connection and proper drainage. Security is also a major factor that you should consider to avoid losses that are usually a result of vandalism. If you plan to look for a warehouse for your business, you must take the time to look for the one that suits your need.

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