Apps that will Help Stop Distracted Driving

The decision to increase the penalties associated with using a phone whilst driving has brought a lot of attention to the ways that people can lose attention when in charge of a vehicle. Many people have admitted to texting or taking calls while driving without a hands-free kit, and there have been increasing numbers of accidents attributed to people being distracted by their mobile phones.

Drivers have admitted that the temptation to check their phones is sometimes too much to resist; even if the phone rings and you briefly glance over to check who is calling could have fatal consequences. This is why more work is being done to stop people from letting their phones distract them. App developers have introduced a number of apps that can remove distractions such as:

LifeSaver – The Lifesaver app blocks usage of your mobile phone while driving. It is a popular choice for parents who want to ensure their children are not giving in to the temptation of using their phone while driving. It also allows parents to see that the driver has arrived safely at their destination for peace of mind.

No Text and Drive – This pretty much does what it says on the tin. As soon as a car is driving at over 10mph, the phone will be locked so it cannot be used unless an override is actioned.

Dangers of Distracted Driving – This app is designed to educate people on the consequences of distracted driving and covers all types of distractions from phone usage to talking to a passenger. There is a ‘Kill Zone’ theory to get across the reality of the potential outcomes of distracted driving, and the app takes you through various scenarios. It also delves into distances between you and the vehicle in front and night-time driving conditions. You can also get tips for driving safely at night from a number of reputable driving websites. Check this site out for 6 tips on driving safely in night-time conditions.



SafeDrive – A good way of encouraging new drivers to drive safely is to tap into the popularity of incentivised games. The SafeDrive app rewards drivers for safe driving and feels like a game, especially as you have to click ‘play now’ to start. You can even invite friends and compare scores. The points that you accumulate can be exchanged for discounts on popular products, food, entertainment, etc. giving users some real life incentives to rack up a great safe driving score.

Distracted driving is causing increased numbers of road accidents, which is why the government decided to increase the penalties associated with distractions such as mobile phones. If you want to keep you and your family safe from the dangers of being distracted, then downloading some of these apps could just save your life. Alternatively, safety campaigns are promoting the idea of locking your phone away in the glove compartment until you safely arrive at your destination. Don’t become part of the distracted driving death statistics.

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