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9 most significant 3D printed things

As more and more industrial sectors are getting engaged in creating innovative things, the demand for three-dimensional printers is gradually increasing. In fact, now, variations in the 3D printers are also being introduced to meet the market’s new demands and change the future’s shape.

As technology is lucrative and smooth-working, it is becoming a favorite tool to bring about revolutions in different industries’ general market trends. Who could have imagined that the dinosaurs can be printed one day, not just in a picture but in a real-life model?

This is the credibility of the 3D printers, and over the years, the technology has done innumerable wonders in various fields. Numerous things have been designed, and they are one of their kind. In fact, it would be an understatement to say that they are significant in history. Rather, they are precious, sort of priceless creations.


So, let’s look at some of the most significant things created using this flourishing 3D printed technology.

1. CRP technology’s Lamborghini headlight washer flap

CRP Technology has designed a headlight washer flap, not out of some plastic material but out of filaments and a 3D printer. Their latest manufacturing has fuelled the use of 3D printers in the automobile industry. And this washer flap was for Lamborghini.

2. SLM solutions and professor wood acetabular cages

Instead of using the acetabulum’s steel cages, SLM Solutions rely on the 3D printed ones. This is an example of metal 3D printing technology and is way more lucrative than the steel ones.

3. 3D printed injection mold tools and inserts

Instead of using the plastic body for different objects, many companies use printing molds to design them. Pen drive cover is one of the most used molds used by many companies. The molten filament is poured into the mold, and after cooling, it is taken out. You can even design the parts for your 3D printer using these insertion molds.

4. Nervous Studio’s cellular lamp

Nervous Cellular Studio is well known for creating various 3D printed designs and selling them over online media. Their best-known product is the netted lamp, which has won millions of online hearts. The design is impeccable, with a meshy design. The structure is complex, as there are two nested lamps fitted together.

5. Creative Tools’ L. Benchy

In earlier days, during the initial days of the 3D printers, it was hard to tell which printer worked better than the other and the prints’ clarity and quality. However, with the pending problems of identifying the best printer and its quality, Creative Tools developed a Benchy, which helped others assess the quality and improvement.

6. Oliver Van Herpt’s 3D printed ceramic vase

The ceramic industry is perhaps the biggest one to find the extensive use of 3D printing technology. Oliver Van was the first ceramic expert who created a wonderful vase by printing it using a 3D printer. It was eighty centimeters in height and, by far, the most beautiful creation.

7. Museum pieces from Mcor

To touch the museum pieces is considered to be an offense. After all, you are not allowed to tamper with the historical treasures of a state or country. But that hasn’t stopped the history enthusiasts from marveling at the Mcor’s museum replicas. They are widely used in many places, replacing the original ones so that the public can touch and feel the textures. The famous creation of the company is the Cambodian mask. In this way, Mcor is giving way to the history lovers for experiencing the era of the bygone times and helping the students learn in a better way.

8. The robotic hand from E-Nable

The robotic hand from the enable has proven to be of immense help for those who have broken hands or have some physical distortion in their arms’ skeletal structure. The design was created to improve the living standards of physically disoriented people, especially the kids. The technology uses low-cost 3D printing filaments, thereby making it cost-effective. In fact, reports have shown that the company will create a bright future for disabled persons with their innovative skills and robotic body parts.

9. Luxexcel’s 3D printed glass

Though glass and fiberglass are popular objects used to manufacture optical lenses, recent studies have shown that they might face a deathblow soon. With the 3D printers being used in the optical industry for printing purposes, Luxexcel manufactured 3D lenses, and once they are out in the ophthalmological market, they will replace the normal lenses.

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