Top 4 Basement Finishing Tips

The idea of developing one’s basement is quite an exciting process. It is like a perfect bonus room that can be converted into a gymnasium, home cinema, laundry space or even a games room.

However, not everyone has the sensibility to determine the potential of that lowest floor of the home. That is why a professional renovation company is required that not only works on turning this under-utilized area into a liveable one, but also adds highly functional elements to it to transform it into a great socializing area. This is what a basement finishing project is all about.

Depending on the requirements, your finishing project can either involve adding some lighting and sitting benches in the area or building it wholesomely with walls, ceilings, furniture, bars, etc.

To help you started, here are some amazing tips to help you in finishing your basement and add a great value to your home –

Determine the layout

Before starting with any renovation or finishing project, the first and foremost thing is to layout the design of the space. The basement area can be put to multiple uses and you have to assess what are these. The design would be strategically created depending upon your planned usage.

For instance, if you are planning a socializing area in the basement, then it should get the best natural light. For a TV viewing zone, you should put it in a darker spot to reduce glare, etc.

Fix the water issues

Water leaking from the pipes or presence of excess moisture in any part of the house ruins the whole renovating project; especially with basements, where the water problem is the biggest issue and moisture is expected to be more than any other room.

So, if your finishing project involves adding any walls or redoing the paint, make sure you get it waterproofed from a professional. After all, you wouldn’t want to see mold growing in your newly built area becoming an eye-sore for you and your guests.

Choose the right Kind of Lighting

Drawing the natural light in the basements is the hardest. That is why it is important that you plan an efficient lighting system for this area. Due to lack of natural light, you would require more lighting for a basement to make it look more inviting.

You would need a various kinds of light fixtures for the basement depending on the utility of the area. You can choose from a wide variety of hot, warm and cool incandescent lights, compact fluorescents or LEDs to enhance the aesthetics of the space and save the energy costs at the same time.

Pick appropriate flooring

A basement, being the lowest area of the house, often encounters the problem of water leakage and water clogging. So, you should be extra cautious while choosing the type of flooring to install in that space.

You can choose anything from laminate flooring, tiles, wood, and carpets to concrete flooring depending upon the situation and your requirements.

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