7 Best Blogging Tools and Tips

Thoughts about how to become a known and successful blogger leave you no minute to rest? Stop right there! And let that inexhaustible energy be focused on something more meaningful and rewarding. In fact, there are blogging tools that can relieve you of your burden and take the thinking process on. Wish to know more about those? Then read the post to stay in the picture.

Many of those who were once tortured with the dilemma of starting a blog finally came to the thought that they were initially asking the wrong question. The right thing to worry about is which software tool to use for the blog to remain neat and fun for the audience. It makes particular sense when one’s major readers are students who might’ve come looking for a trusted essay helper to resolve their issues with written tasks and overall academic performance. For those, blogging came as primarily the source of links and shared information.

Tools and Tips

4. Grammarly

Those who write a lot will undoubtedly find the tool to be an irreplaceable helper in their daily practice. Grammarly proofreads textual information as no other similar app does. It detects grammar mistakes, highlights overused words, and even checks the plagiarism content on a single occasion. If you wish to be a successful blogger, you need to have a Grammarly account.

5. Yoast SEO Plug-in

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the only effective way to attract visitors to your website if you haven’t yet gathered a wide audience. Yoast SEO is basically a WordPress plug-in, which optimizes the most crucial aspects of content influencing traffic, from meta-tags checking to sitemap creation. The product comes with a complete tutorial to master the tool faster.

6. SiteGround

SiteGround is deservedly regarded to be the top web hosting tool. The vast majority of Internet users admit that it’s an absolute must-have for beginning bloggers who have little idea about HTML and site host. With this product at hand, one can adapt to hosting tasks much faster. Moreover, the platform will contribute to a more stable operation of a site preventing crashes.

7. BuzzSumo

The app is perfectly suited for the tasks that involve finding blog posts with the needed set of keywords. One can easily track the popular resources using this app and learn from the examples of more visited websites. The app also allows one to pick the posts that have been frequently shared on social media. Having it in stock will allow you to be ahead of competitors.


All in all, these are the seven software tools that none of the bloggers can currently do without. Whether you choose to use them all or pick one from the list is totally a matter of your preferences. But for your blog to enjoy wider popularity in masses, it is highly recommended that you have them all on board.


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