Searching for the perfect gift for your girlfriend is exciting but can be a daunting experience at times. A lot of times, you feel helpless in your quest for the ideal gift. Would she like jewelry? A giant Teddy bear? Or should I come up with something more personal? These questions often remain unanswered in your mind.

How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy & Feel Like The Luckiest Girl Ever

This experience can be stressful. Lucky for you, we have curated the best five gifts to buy your girlfriend, whether it be her birthday, Valentine’s Day, or a random Tuesday when you suddenly need to shower her with love.

1.Kool8 Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle is perhaps the most timeless gift one can receive. Not only does it last a lifetime, but it stays in almost perfect condition until the day you part with it. The Kool8 water bottle can be used as a thermos and a cooler. Whether you need to keep your daily coffee hot until the bumpy commute to work is over or want cold water throughout the day, the Kool8 water bottle is a perfect choice.

The Kool8 comes in various colors and designs, making it a personal and intimate gift. The bottles are sleek and modern, both inside and out 😉 They are durable, guaranteeing warmth on a cold winter day and ice-cold refreshment on a hot, stuffy one.   

According to Cool Thing’s Chicago, the Kool8 water bottle is ranked number 1 on a list of the best water bottles 2019. They rated it as number 1 due to its pleasing aesthetics and its ability to perform what it claims to. Not to mention, it is environmentally friendly! Go green!

Cool Thing’s Chicago is not the only great review this incredible water bottle has reeled in. People are raving about its excellence, and this review speaks for itself. It highlights several pros of the Kool8 water bottle, including its ability to keep beverages hot for 12 hours, built-in tea infuser, and donating 20 percent of sales money to help underprivileged countries get cleaner water.

The Kool8 water bottle will keep your girl hydrated and happy!

2. Custom Star Map

Starry-eyed and deep in love? If so, a Star Map might be the winner! At Twinkle in Time, you can get a printed map of the exact location of specific stars and constellations at a certain time and place.

Is there a date that you remember most during your relationship? Maybe the date was five years ago when you and she reached for the same blueberry muffin 😉 Perhaps it’s the day you watched her from a distance and suddenly realized you were going to spend your life with her.

Whether this memorable date is still fresh in your mind or feels like a lifetime ago, the Star Map can bring you back to that amazing day. With this map, you can reminisce on some of the most memorable times in your relationship.

The best part about this gift is the ease at which you can create one. Each star map is customized, allowing you to compose a unique and unforgettable gift.

3. Protein Coffee

 Coffee is a must in the mornings. For some people, not having a strong, rich cup of coffee in the morning is worse than finding out that all of their friends planned a vacation without them. Because what’s worse than no coffee? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But protein coffee has completely changed the coffee world.

Protein coffee is just a cup full of treasures. It contains delicious coffee while also providing the protein that you need to build strength and remain healthy. For a long time, I was convinced there was no better indulgence than a clean, fresh cup of coffee. However, after trying protein coffee, I’ve changed teams.

A great place to pick up protein coffees is Complete Nutrition. Each product is designed for different needs, making it an awesome gift. Whether your girlfriend wants to get her summer body back, build body muscle, or add more protein to her day, complete nutrition can cater to those desires.

         My personal favorite is their Ultimate Nutrition coffee. The Caramel Frappe has exceeded all of my expectations for caramel. Before, I believed in it. Now, I can’t live without it.

             Adding extra protein to your daily nutritional intake can help maintain health, and multivitamins can complement your protein intake as well.

Introduce your girlfriend to a whole new world of coffee and maybe treat yourself to a pack because once you try hers, you’ll be sneaking it into your coffee as she’s leaving for work.

4. Custom T-shirts by Screen Print This

Even though you promised each other that you would never be that couple, the ones who intentionally leave the house matching, and these customized T-shirts might change your mind. At Screen Print This, you can create a custom t-shirt for less than 20 bucks. From white solid tees to striking designs, Screen Print This has it all.

Maybe you want to go with the cliche of cliches and get matching “she’s mine,” “he’s mine” tees, or even better, your hashtag couple name. You can even get down on one knee and hold up a t-shirt that says “will you marry me?” in your handwriting.

With its unbelievably low prices for high-quality shirts, Screen Print wins the custom t-shirt game. Now, you and your girlfriend can win the relationship game and strut down the streets with your adorable matching tees.  

5. Beets & Apples Gift Box

Gift baskets are always a good idea, and opening them is just as fun as using the inside products. They are wildly romantic and packed with all sorts of touching gifts. Sometimes, all a girl needs is a few scented candles and a new hand lotion to feel like she’s on top of the world.

Beets & Apples strives to create sweet and simple handmade gifts at an affordable price. The Spa Gift Basket is only $29.99 and contains a Pink clay rose goat milk soap, a lavender soy candle with rosebuds, a lemon coconut lip balm, and a Beets & Apples organic chamomile tea.

Buy your girlfriend this relaxation gift box and show her that if she doesn’t have the time or energy to go to the spa, it will come to her! Let her savor each scent of lavender and lemon coconut with this romantic and personable gift.

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