5 Places To Get Cutting Edge Nutrition Information

Are you still following the nutritional guidelines from the Food Pyramid? Did you know that nutritionists have completely replaced it? And in fact, they did that quite a while ago. But the information hasn’t necessarily been injected into the mainstream consciousness yet. And unless you search for these types of modern nutrition information, you will be following outdated advice to your detriment.


But knowing this, what resources should you use? Where should you go for Plum Organics Twitter feed, for example, are some of the best sources of information you’ll find about food through the whole spectrum. In short, snippets, Twitter feeds, or Facebook pages can have updates and conversations where interaction makes accurate information float to the top, and honest and genuine opinions mix with expert knowledge to give you the data context.

Major News Reports

You can also scan health changing the food industry, what they mean to you regarding health, and how much things will cost. Avoiding smaller, less-sourced publications will help you get more accurate information, so avoid clickbait and advertising-heavy sites when possible.


Local Gyms

No matter where you live, there’s probably a gym nearby that you can sign up for. And you know what? The owner, the people who work there, or the personal assistants you can hire are guaranteed to be on the latest fitness news. It’s their job, their industry, and they know if they can hook you on their services, they’ll have a client for life!

YouTube Fitness Channels

And if you don’t want to go to a physical gym but would rather learn about some nutrition from the same people, search for relevant YouTube fitness and nutritional channels. Thousands of people are willing to give their free advice, so long as you’ll listen to it.

Government Reports

And as much as some people don’t want to trust their government, they aren’t out to get you. They want you to be healthy and fit, which means plenty of free government resources available through the net to explore in your free time that will expand your knowledge of modern nutritional guidelines.

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