How would it be to not have headlines in the newspaper? How would you know what the news is all about?

The headline of a write-up is the reason why people read it. 80% of a successful writer’s efforts go into selecting the perfect headline for his writing.

One principle that applies to all news posts, blogs, articles and pieces of writing is the ability of its headline to be catchy, captivating and attention-grabbing. It has the power to attract readers more than anything else. The headline of an article appears everywhere. It is the face of the article and must be attractive.

How do you know if your article has a catchy headline? Before you publish your content, look at the title and ask yourself whether or not you will be interested in reading it. And you have the answer. Many writers can bring about excellent content in their articles. However, they struggle to knit an appealing headline for their articles.

Some writers even hire a great copywriter to write their headlines for them.

Here are a few ways in which you can write a catchy headline for your article.

Write A Brief Headline

Your headline should be brief, yet attractive. It should focus on the idea of your article. Too many words in the headline make it a bit boring for the reader. Also, too short a headline may not be able to highlight the concept of the article. Choose few precise words that make the headline brief and crisp. Your headline should not go beyond 70 characters.



Use Adjectives

As a writer, play with adjectives. Use captivating adjectives that bring the attention of the reader to your content. So for instance, if you are writing about ten-holiday destinations to target in a lifetime, you can use adjectives and make it more attractive. “Ten Breathtaking Holiday Destinations To Aim In One’s Lifetime” can be an attractive headline, thanks to the adjective used. The use of adjectives tells a lot about the content of the article. Adjectives can give away positive, negative, shocking, dangerous and lot many ideas about the content.

Use Numbers

Numbers attract attention immediately. When you have written an article full of pointers and facts, you don’t have to struggle a lot with the headline. Use numbers in the headline and make it juicy. It is noteworthy that odd numbers usually come more into light than rounded off numbers. If you see an article titled “5 Tips To Overcome Jealousy” you will be immediately curious to read ahead.

Leave People Wanting For More

The heading should hold a mystery in it. The content should unfold the mystery. Leave your audience wanting for more when they read your headline. For instance, a person who reads the headline, “These Jaw-Dropping Facts About the UK Film Industry Will Shock You.” He will be compelled to go ahead and read the entire content. Make your headline spicy enough for the audience to want more from the rest of the article.

Use Questions In Your Heading

The use of questions in the headline is a great way to attract readers. It tells the reader that the article contains an answer to the question and hence, he will be tempted to go ahead and read the article. A straight heading like “Top Ten Reasons For Road Accidents in Bangalore” is less likely to catch attention than a heading that asks “Why Is Bangalore A Hub To Increased Road Accidents?”

Don’t Settle For The First Heading

Many successful writers spend a considerable time thinking of an appropriate title for their articles. Usually, when you start writing an article, you are just gathering thoughts and trying to put them together. The title that comes to your mind in the first place is raw and rough. By the time you are done writing your content, you have more polished thoughts. Once you are done writing, reframe your title into a more elite set of words that speaks volumes about your article.

The Title Should Be Relevant To The Content

The title of your write up should hold relevance with the body of the content. Know your audience and plan your heading accordingly. For example, if you are writing for a fashion column, your audience will be mainly the youth. Use glossy adjectives that will attract the youth. Instead, when you are writing about a scam or a scandal, the tone of your headline should change to a serious, shocking and disturbing one.

While writing the content for your blog or article can be an easy task, choosing an appropriate title for the same can be the tricky part. It is important that as a writer, you come up with a headline that has adjectives, can trigger curiosity and is brief and crisp enough to speak about your content.