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Why Chatbots Are The Best Solution For e-Commerce?

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Though we may not be well versed with Chatbots we would have definitely been exposed to it. Humans could perform certain tasks only at the speed we could accomplish them.

Chatbots are programs that are automated and could perform those tasks that humans could at greater speeds. Chatbots could be equated to humans in the sense that it could interact with humans by answering text messages and voice inputs.

What Chtabots would do is to use messaging apps and talk to those in contact lists just like we would do, and could provide news updates or even attend to things that we would do.

The Facebook F8 Developer Conference brought a new dimension to Chatbots when it was disclosed that Facebook Messengers would include bots which created a wave of interest in Chatbots.

Selling online was made more streamlined by opening a new channel using e-commerce connected with Chatbots through mobile messengers.

“Spring” the e-commerce Shopping destination adopted it very early because it happened to be the launch partner of the initiator Facebook.

This has shown that the future of e-commerce in effectively serving its customers would be by using Chatbots and interacting with them by employing Facebook messenger or any of the apps customers would be using.

Reducing costs

The normal practice was for those businesses selling products online to manage their customer conversations and whatever was in excess they just outsourced it to call centers.

This costs money and under the circumstances it would be more convenient and very much cheaper for small businesses with a skeleton staff to introduce automation to get the same job done.

It would be cost effective and faster if these businesses use their own Chatbot to interact with their customers who could be better served and faster too as automation is definitely much faster that human responses.

“Alexa” is a very effective Chatbot that the e-commerce giant Amazon employs to interact with their millions of customers and without any complaints “Alexa” works for them 24x7x365 days.

No problems with human resources, no holidays, no leave, never gets late to arrive, no personal problems, “Alexa” is their best “employee”, but you would not see her/him.

“Alexa” could answer questions, where you could ask where you could buy something and “Alexa” would oblige faster and direct you the right source so that you could buy it.

To take it on another platform we could deduce that this is nothing but “Artificial Intelligence” or AI, which the superlative online store Amazon has used through “Alexa”.

A new dimension

Our online shopping is taking a new dimension and other apps presently being use would become obsolete with Chatbots taking over and bringing a more personal touch to customer and seller interaction.

Customers are also bitten by the Chatbot infection and are turning in drones to engage with, just to get whatever they would want even doing it on a daily basis for their needs.

There is no doubt that Chatbots are going to be the future of e-commerce with customers changing their online shopping experiences quite dramatically helping sellers to bring down costs and offer better prices too.

It is basic human nature to be treated with a bit of personalization, and when customers come online they would like the same treatment too.

Chatbots would do just that by chatting up with the customer and providing whatever information he or she might need in a friendly and cordial conversation.

E-commerce Chatbots would be the future and it would bring a completely new dimension to how online shopping would be conducted in the future.

The customer’s intent and purpose would be identified by the e-commerce Chatbot and by doing so would direct him or her to the right destination to fulfill the need.

Employing automation has brought down the costs of many products Chatbots could be compared to the automated assembly line in a car manufacturing plant, as just one example of many.

Since computer guided automation was introduced there was a drastic reduction in manpower and with the costs of production dropped substantially enabling manufacturers to offer better prices.

The future for chatbot is bright

The same thing would happen to the proliferating e-commerce industry too, because chatbot development would completely do away with the need for human interaction between customer and seller.

This reduction would definitely bring the prices of goods sold online tumbling down and the beneficiaries would be none other than the customers.

This would be very welcome by customers and they are not bothered with whom they chat online as long as they are able to buy their products cheaper than what they would otherwise pay.

The business of e-commerce cannot do away from the required need of interacting with online customers because they would have so many questions to be answered before they would act and buy.

We know as marketers how difficult customers could be and convincing them especially those who are quite cranky on the phone but their crankiness would be very politely addressed by a Chatbot rather than a human.

Chatbots do not have emotions and are there only to answer relevant questions and if the customer deviates from the set parameters it would just say “sorry” as it may not understand what the customer needs.

E-commerce businesses could get some weird inquiries and the best ruse for these businesses would be to employ Chatbots and let it do the chatting.

The customer would not know most of the time that he is chatting with computer software that is on the other side of the line but as long as he or she is happy and presses the “BUY” button at the end,… who cares.

The next decade could see a proliferation in Chatbot in most e-commerce businesses and with it a drastic reduction in prices and if someone is to pose the question as to why most products are cheaper online than in retail stores.

The answer would be plain and simple, the cost factor between humans and the Chatbot.



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